8 Creative Ways to Use Proof Leakproof Undies (Not Just for Periods!)

8 Creative Ways to Use Proof Leakproof Undies (Not Just for Periods!)

One of the best perks of Proof leakproof underwear is the versatility. Whether you’re on your period, working out, our leakproof panties are perfect for everyday wear—even in the most unusual circumstances. With an absorbent core, moisture-wicking fabric, and patented Leak-Loc® technology, Proof underwear can take you anywhere. To prove just how versatile our panties are, we’ve put together a list of some of the most creative uses for leak proof underwear.


1. For Marathons



For avid runners, it’s no secret that nature can call at the most inconvenient times. In fact, long-distance runners often end up peeing their pants, whether intentional or not. This uncertainty makes leak proof underwear a great option for marathoners. One California marathon runner relieved herself during a race rather than stopping and messing up her time—and was still able to reach a personal record. 


2. Wild Workouts


Wearing leak proof underwear while exercising is actually one of the more common uses for our products, but Proof undies are great for unconventional sweat sessions, as well. Whether you’re into roller derby, dressage, or aerial sports, our leak proof underwear won’t let you down. Acroyoga teacher Christine even trusts Proof while balancing upside down! 


3. Vanlife & Outdoor Living



Another great creative use for leak proof underwear is wearing them on the road and out in nature. When you’re far from home and far from running water, reusable undies can be a life-saver! Vanlifer Amber McDaniel finds period panties especially useful for her lifestyle. After use, she simply places used panties in a “wet bag” and waits until she has an opportunity to do laundry again.

Leak proof underwear also makes for happy campers. No need to worry about access to running water.


4. The Dreaded “Snee”


We love seeing how Proof fans use their leak proof underwear against unexpected leaks. Ashlan Cousteau pointed out that her Proof® undies were perfect for protection against the dreaded “snee” (sneeze + pee) during pregnancy. They’re also great for leak protection while jumping up and down at a concert, playing at the trampoline park with kids, and even laughing with friends. 


5. After Baby


There’s nothing pleasant about postpartum recovery—especially when it comes to postpartum bleeding. Some women experience spotting for up to six weeks after delivery. As Chrissy Teigen put it, “No one told me I would be coming home in diapers, too.” Luckily, with Proof leak proof underwear, moms can focus on what matters most: taking care of the new addition to their family. Our undies are the perfect postpartum recovery essential. Beverly Mitchell rocks her Everyday Brief while pregnant and during recovery.





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