Best Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights

Best Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights

Check out our list of best travel tips when planning a long haul flight!

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones come in all different shapes and sizes for your desired comfort. Some of us have anxiety when flying and need a little bit of distraction. Traveling in a tight area with a lot of people comes with challenges such as chatty seat neighbors or cabin noise. Noise cancelling headphones allow you to focus on sounds and things that are important to you, while drowning out the stressful or distracting sounds around you.

Eye Masks

Lets face it, when you are stuck on a long haul flight, sometimes even those red eye flights, getting a good rest is close to impossible. Your legs are squished between strangers and some people just love to keep those pesky overhead lights on above them at all hours of the night. Eye masks block out lights around you, giving you that much needed rest for your busy next day. Consider investing in an eye mask that is hollowed out around the eye since it will cause less irritation for longer wear.

Stay well hydrated / bring water

Did you know that flying in an airplane causes dehydration? Especially on a long haul flight, research has shown that we lose fluid in our bodies due to the humidity and altitude. Our bodies are considered dehydrated if you lose 1.5% of water. Keep in mind, our bodies are made up of 60% of water. Prepare yourself for travel by staying hydrated before your flight, during your flight, and even after your flight. Pack an empty reusable water bottle on your carry on bag. This will allow you to get through TSA and then you can fill up your water bottle as many times as you would like. 

Proper comfortable clothing

Unless you are heading to an important meeting straight from the airport, we are not exactly needing to go for style here. Keep in mind that airplane cabins can get quite chilly at times. Dress for comfort! Consider packing yourself a cute pair of sweatpants or leggings. Also, lightweight jackets are a great go to. They are compact enough to put into a bag without taking up a ton of room. 

Traveling while on your period

What’s worse than having to use the lavatory on a long haul flight? Being on your period and needing to change your pad or tampon. Luckily things have come a long way for womens period products. With leak proof underwear, you have the convenience and comfort while having no need to change your pad or tampon. Leak proof underwear has a variety of absorbency to tailor to what you need at that time of your cycle. A great option for a long haul flight would be one with heavy absorbency. Leak Proof heavy absorbency underwear can help reduce orders, help with bladder leaks. And can hold up to 4 regular tampons. When you are on a 10 hour plane flight, this will give you the ultimate protection and comfort. 

Wear a comfortable bra 

Lets be honest, as a woman, sitting for hours on end with an uncomfortable bra on can be the worst. Over time the straps start to dig into your shoulders and the underwire starts to dig in. Wearing a comfortable bra for those long haul flights is essential.

Proof Everyday Bra
Proof Everyday Bra provides all the benefits and comfort of a bra without sacrificing the protection you need. The everyday bra has no straps to dig into your shoulders, instead they offer a seamless full coverage shoulder strap. The scoop neck design allows you to wear a variety of shirt necklines. The best part of all, it's wireless. It does come with padded cups that are removable as well.

Important things to pack in your carry on bag

- Face masks that are either disposable or reusable. It would be a good idea to bring a back up mask in case the one you are wearing gets dirty or lost.

- Hand sanitizer is also important not just because of COVID-19, but also because of all the difference surfaces that you touch in high traffic areas

- Sanitary wipes. These are a staple for plane flights. A lot of retailers carry surface wipes that kill germs upon contact. Did you know that the trays alone on airplanes are considered more germ filled than a public bathroom. The seat back trays are considered one of the dirtiest.

- If you are on your period or preparing for your period consider packing a heating patch in your carry on bag just in case. One patch is discrete and can be placed above your underwear. The patch can last for up to 12 hours. You can always be prepared in case you develop cramps during that long haul flight.

- Headphones or ear plugs to cancel out noise around you

- A book or computer

- A neck pillow if it is a red eye flight

- A ultra lightweight throw blanket in case it is cold in the cabin.


From one woman to another, do we ever feel we are fully prepared and packed for a flight? How about a long haul flight of over 6 hours… or how about 12 hours? The best advice is to be prepared and make a checklist of things you need. Consider making a checklist for things you need to pack in your luggage, and another for your carry on bag. If you are on your period during your vacation, purchase a mesh laundry bag for your period underwear. This will keep your period underwear away from your clean clothes and you can even wash your period underwear in the mesh bag as well. It can’t get any easier than that. 

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