Can You Have Sex On Your Period?

Can You Have Sex On Your Period?

How To Have Sex On Your Period 

When you’re on your period, you probably have days when you don’t want anyone to touch you, let alone have sex with someone. Then you might have a day or two where you’re more aroused than usual, and particularly sensitive to just how sexy your partner is. Sex during your period can be totally awesome. Despite the mess, you can have a great experience, and so can your partner. But part of having that “oh yes” means you might have to prepare a little.

If you’re nervous about having sex on your period, even if you want it, you’re not alone. Maybe you have a lot of questions about period sex—don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Is It Safe To Have Sex During Your Period?

If your number one concern is your safety, then you’re in luck: it is perfectly safe to have sex while you’re menstruating. If you need to hear the words straight from a certified OBGYN, Dr. Lusanda Shimange-Matsose says: “Yes! Absolutely!”

There is nothing dangerous for you or your partner about a little blood. It might be a bit messy; it might be a bit more uncomfortable, but it’s all about how you feel and how your partner feels.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Is it bad to have sex on your period?” Well—I guess the real question is, what does “bad” mean to you? No, it’s not unsafe. But if you’re uncomfortable or your partner is uncomfortable with it, then hold off for a few days. For the most part, it is the partner having her time of the month that is most uncomfortable with period sex, but be sensitive to your partner’s needs, too.

Or maybe you’re worried about sex making your period worse. Actually, having sex could make your period shorter! Those muscle contractions during an orgasm can help your uterus clear out faster than usual. So if you see some darker blood or tissue when you use the toilet after sex, don’t be alarmed.

Will I Like Having Sex On My Period?

Having sex while you’re on your period might be just what you need for a pick-me-up. Orgasms release endorphins, and some women even say they have their best when they’re on their period. And guess what? An orgasm also releases chemicals that help with pain relief (down with cramps!) 

You may not want to think about it, but you’re nice and lubricated right now. If you naturally run dry, then your period might have sex even more pleasurable than usual. Some women find they’re more aroused than usual or that their genitals are super sensitive, making orgasms even better.

Can I Get Pregnant When I’m On My Period? 

Yep, you can. So be careful! Make sure you’re taking your pill regularly, you have condoms handy, or choose something sexy to do other than intercourse. There are some women who have shorter or irregular cycles, and that can make a difference as to when the ovary releases an egg. Also—sperm can stay alive inside of you for up to five days.

How To Have Great Sex During Your Period 

You might have to plan a little more when you have period sex.

  • Plan ahead for spotting: If you like wearing lingerie, you might end up with a bit of blood on your favorite panties or negligée. We suggest choosing a pair of proof® leak proof panties—there are plenty of sexy options (cheeky and lace for the win!), so you don’t even have to worry.
  • Remember that tampon: If you’re like most women, you might want to take care of this before you get hot and heavy with your partner in bed. Take a quick trip to the bathroom, take care of it, and you’re done. Leaving your tampon in can cause a bacterial infection or it can get pushed too far up your vagina. Some menstrual cups can be left in during sex but check before you do so. Even if they “can” stay in, some women feel pain or discomfort during intercourse, so it’s up to you.
  • Prepare for leakage: chances are, you are going to get a little blood on your sheets. You can plan ahead by keeping a good mattress cover on your bed to protect your mattress and/or putting a dark towel underneath your bodies.
  • Lighter days: you can always wait till your bleeding has slowed down. Then you’re less likely to make a mess of yourself, your partner, and your bed, but still have the pleasure of sex when you need it most.
  • Pick your position: think gravity: you want your blood to flow down so it’s not all over the place. On your side or in the missionary position are probably your best bets. Also—if your usual positions are uncomfortable, don’t be scared to switch it up. Take it slow and let your partner know how you’re feeling. Who knows—you might discover something awesome.
  • Sex without intercourse: if you don’t want to deal with the mess at all, you can still have the pleasure of sex—and so can your partner. Figure out what you and your partner are comfortable with, and try it out. Another suggestion-- shower sex washes everything away as it appears, and the hot steamy water just adds the ambiance.

Don’t Let Your Period Stop You!

You really can enjoy your partner when you’re on your period. You can have all the pleasure you want, and safely, without worrying that it’s “that time of the month.” Take your normal precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancies, communicate with your partner, and have a great time.


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