How to Survive Your Period While Traveling

How to Survive Your Period While Traveling

Traveling is that much-needed relaxation from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. However, planning, packing, flying, and time changes may be stressful for some. Some consider it a good stress but either way, it may affect your period. Then, adding being on your period and traveling to the mix, it can be even more stressful and worrisome. Traveling on your period doesn’t have to be inconvenient if you prepare and plan ahead. Packing all your period essentials in your carry-on bag will ensure everything you need is close by. After all, aunt flow may visit when you least expect it. When you arrive at your destination and go sightseeing, consider carrying your period essentials in your backpack or purse. Not able to take a bag when you travel? No problem! Proof. Period leak-proof underwear may be worn all day, offering continuous protection while on the go. That means no need for tampon or pad changes. Cramping should not stop you from doing the things you love on your vacation. Proof. Heating patch offers continuous heat for up to 12 hours. Heating patches are easy to use. Stick on top of your period underwear and let the heating patch do its job. It is discrete and invisible under your clothes. Your period may come and go, but vacations are a memory that will last forever.

Can traveling affect your period?

Traveling can affect your period more than you realize. We often associate vacations with relaxing and stress relieving. However, there is usually some stress associated with traveling, such as catching your plane, packing, or making it to all your reservations on time. Stress, even if it is “good stress” may cause changes to your period. Also, the changes in time zones, workout routine, and diet may also affect your period while traveling.

Is it safe to travel during periods?

Yes, it is safe to travel during your period! Some people believe the air pressure in the cabin and altitude may make your period lighter during your flight and heavier after the flight. The increase in blood flow is temporary and should resolve quickly. However, the effects of jet lag and time changes affect your period more because it may throw off your circadian rhythm.

How to manage your period while traveling

Plan ahead
Sometimes our periods are unpredictable, but being prepared will make your surprise visit from “aunt flow” a little easier while traveling. Plan ahead by packing your period essentials in your purse or carry on luggage. Also, picking an aisle seat helps eliminate the need for the awkward “excuse me” when needing to use the restroom frequently.

Make sure you have comfortable clothes
Let’s face it, when you are traveling, the proper attire is important. Especially if you are traveling while on your period. Dress for comfort with clothing that is breathable and not too restrictive. Yoga pants are always a great staple to every female's traveling wardrobe. Yoga pants offer style while being breathable and a supportive waistband. Also, if you are traveling to a sunny destination, packing a couple maxi dresses or loose jumpsuits are a great option while on your period. Maxi dresses are breathable and allow for comfort if you experience bloat. Whatever you decide to wear, plan for comfort and always pack a pair of walking sneakers for comfort while on the go.

Bring a period kit with you
Being prepared when you travel by having all your feminine products close by is essential to having a smooth flight while on your period. Also, carrying your period kit with you when you hit the town or see the sights will ensure your period doesn’t stand in the way between you and a fantastic vacation. Things to pack in your period kit include:

  • A cute bag to hold all your feminine products.
  • An extra pair of period undies for the lighter and heavier periods. Altitude, jet lag, and air pressure may affect your flow.
  • Heating patches for cramp relief. 
  • Canvas travel bag for your period underwear. This canvas travel bag is perfect if you need to adjust your underwear based on your flow. The travel bag is durable with a leak-resistant lining. There is also a separate compartment to hold your clean underwear.
  • Hand sanitizer is essential when traveling. Especially during COVID. Airports are said to be one of the most germ-filled environments. Having hand sanitizer nearby if a bathroom is not accessible is important to reducing your exposure to germs while traveling.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle. Going through the TSA with a filled water bottle may be against the rules and regulations. However, if you bring a reusable water bottle, you can empty it and fill it after you go through security. Also, some flight attendants will fill your water bottle for you on the flight. It is important to stay hydrated when traveling, especially during your period. Blood loss contributes to dehydration.

Is it possible to delay your period for travel?

There is no 100 percent way to delay your period for traveling. However, there may be ways to reduce the possibility. For example, skipping the birth control pills containing the sugar pills or “dummy pills” may delay or prevent your period from coming. However, it is always important to check with your medical doctor before skipping any pills or changing your pill schedule.

There are possible side effects associated with skipping the sugar pills such as:

  • Abdominal cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Spotting when period is due
  • Headaches
  • Changes in time of ovulation
  • Nausea

Wrapping up

If you are going away for a weekend get-a-way or for a two week trip to Italy, it is important to be prepared for when your period comes. Having your period shouldn’t ruin your vacation or stand in your way from doing what you enjoy. Period underwear are the perfect staple to your traveling needs, it is leak proof and allows for all day wear. Consider packing a heating patch on top of your leak-proof period underwear for 12 hours of continuous heat to keep those cramps at bay. 

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