Is there such a thing as a comfortable bra?

Finding a comfortable bra can feel like searching for a mythical creature; you have no idea if what you’re looking for actually exists. Often, buying a bra that is “supposed” to fit you correctly feels like wearing a corset, while a loose bra doesn’t provide the right support. Even a bra with a comfortable band may not fit you correctly at the cup, giving you the appearance of “quad boobs” (when the cups press too hard, making it look like you have four breasts. Not a good look!).

The search for your perfect bra can be exhausting, leaving you with more questions than answers.

In this article, we’ll answer these questions so that you’re armed with the right knowledge so you can find a bra that truly fits. 

The Most Common Issues with Bras

The journey to finding the perfect bra can be tiresome and expensive, and many exasperated bra-wearers may be tempted to give up and accept that a comfortable bra doesn’t exist.

Famously, one of the most satisfying parts of a woman’s day is coming home and peeling off their bra. This act often comes with a huge sigh of relief, but what makes so many bras so uncomfortable?

  • Underwire in a bra with overly soft or thin fabric: this is a common issue for those with larger breasts. Underwired bras are designed to hold everything in place, but they’re prone to popping out and pinching your skin. This issue is even more common if a bra is too small, so it’s best to avoid underwire if your breast size is below a C cup as it’s probably not necessary and will only make you uncomfortable. 
  • Sizing varies from brand to brand: The frustrating thing about the fashion industry is that it doesn’t have a standard sizing system, including bras. This means that one brand’s B cup could be entirely different from another brand’s B cup, so customers can’t even buy the same size across all brands.
  • Lack of sizing options in stores: Many big chain stores don’t carry sizes small and large enough to cater to all women. This means that many women have to guess what size they are or end up buying a bra that’s “good enough” rather than well-fitting.

How can I find a bra that doesn’t ride up?

The issue of a bra riding up is possibly the most irritating problem we face. Whether it’s the back band being tugged upwards or the cups themselves riding up, it’s the cause of much fidgeting and adjusting.

A bra that rides up is most likely the wrong size. To avoid buying a bra that will ride up, make sure that your bra keeps your breasts firmly in place, not loosely. With the right bra, your breasts' weight should rest comfortably on the bra’s cups and the bands.

It’s a little-known fact that most of a bra’s support comes from the band rather than the straps or cups. If you tighten the straps when your bra’s band is loose, the band will ride up at the back, making your bra even more uncomfortable. 

Your bra may feel more comfortable if you loosen your straps and move the band further down your back for more even pressure distribution.

How long should I give a new bra before deciding it's not right for me?

Wearing the wrong bra can cause posture problems, fatigue, back problems and even poor digestion. Ideally, you should try on a bra before buying it, as this can eliminate any initial discomfort.

If you have bought a new bra in a different style or size than you are used to, 1 – 3 days’ wear should tell you if you will find it comfortable. If, when you remove your bra, you have harsh red lines on your skin, it doesn’t fit, and no amount of getting used to it will change that.

Are there any bras that are as comfortable as a sports bra?

Believe it or not, there are comfortable bras out there! Since most of a bra’s discomfort comes from wires, bulky padding, straps and the tendency to ride up, non-sports bras are most comfortable without the wires. 

A comfortable bra should have a multi-way stretch so that the weight is evenly distributed and you’re not being tugged in one direction. And, most importantly, it should be the right size. Bras that have been purchased in the wrong size are the most common cause of discomfort among those who wear them. So it’s always worth checking your bra size each time (remember, it can differ from brand to brand, so compare your measurements to their guidelines).

Look for bras, like our Everyday Bra, which shares many commonalities with your sports bra. The Everyday Bra is seamless, has a scoop neck, optional padding, and provides you with a comfortable level of support – so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

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Can I wear a wireless bra if I have a bigger breast size?

When properly fitted, an underwire bra should trace the root of the breast, lying flat on the ribcage without digging in. But even a well-made, properly sized bra can cause some discomfort and make the wearer want to go wireless. 

Many people worry that a wireless bra won’t support bigger breasts, but it is possible to go wireless. In fact, underwire bras can restrict a lot of your breasts’ natural movement, weakening the supporting muscle tissue. 

The search for a genuinely comfortable bra you want to wear all day can seem like a never-ending struggle. It takes time to measure yourself, and even then, you may have to do it all over again when you buy from a different company! 

If you’re looking for a bra made with seamless fabric that won’t dig into your skin, then look no further! The Everyday Bra from Proof provides all-day comfort, and its scoop neck works perfectly with all necklines. It strikes a balance between hugging your body and feeling lightweight, giving you support and comfort. It’s perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re doing a home workout, running errands or hanging out. It even has removable padding, so whether you wear a padded or non-padded bra is up to you!

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