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Teen Brief

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Teen Brief

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moderate Absorbency holds up to 3 regular tampons

Color Black
HSA/FSA Approved

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Not to brag, but our Teen Leakproof Brief Period Underwear is super comfy, super cute, and super functional. They're perfect for when you need added backup or want an alternative to your pads or tampons. This style holds up to 3 regular tampons worth of flow, so it's great for regular period days. You’ll probably want to stock up on a few pairs... just saying.


Absorbs moderate periods, sweat, and discharge

Features moderate coverage

Can be used as a pad, tampon, or cup alternative

Washer friendly, hang to dry


Outer: 75% Nylon 25% Spandex
Top Lining: 100% Polyester
Interlining: 68% Polyester 28% Cotton 4% Acrylate
Bottom Lining: 100% Polyester

Reusable & machine washable:
When you're done wearing, simply wash with cold water and gentle detergent, then hang or lay flat to dry


Absorbent Zone; Regular
Center lining protection with absorbent multi-layer core
Leak-Loc® bonded edge technology

  • moisture-wicking top layer
  • absorbent core
  • waterproof liner
  • water-resistant outer fabric
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How does period underwear for teens work?

Proof Teen look and feel exactly like your most comfortable undies but they have built-in Leak-Loc® technology to keep you feeling dry all day long. Quick-wick liners pull moisture away from the body, and technical fibers inhibit the growth of bacteria and fight odor. The Leak-Loc® edges prevent any leaks from ever happening. Plus, they’re machine-washable and rewearable, so way better for the environment.

Will Proof Teen period undies smell?

Our underwear were made to keep you feeling and smelling great, despite the time of the month or level of your flow. Moisture-wicking liners and technical fibers eliminate bacteria and odor from creeping up. If you’re ever thinking your Proof Teen need a refresh, add a few drops of vinegar or tea tree oil to them during your machine’s rinse cycle.

Can they replace pads/tampons? Can I wear these with a tampon or a menstrual cup?

Yes to all of the above. Our super-heavy flow absorbent style holds up to 5 regular tampons worth of liquid, which means you’ll be safe and sound overnight or on those extra-heavy flow days. You can also use a moderate or light flow pair as an added layer of seamless protection and double up with a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup.

Are Proof Teen undies reusable?

100%. It’s a huge part of their charm! Proof Teen underwear are machine washable and reusable. A win for the planet and your wallet, and they’re ready to go whenever your period strikes again next month.

Are Proof Teen period undies good to wear when playing sports?

Absolutely. Our Proof Teen line was designed for any and all activities. We’d recommend throwing an extra pair in your gym bag so you’ll be ready for that second half no matter what.

How do I wash them?

Rinse immediately after use and then either hand wash, or toss them in your washing machine using the gentle cycle. Use cold water and a mild detergent. Just be sure to skip the dryer: hang them up or lay flat to dry. Check out the care instructions for more detailed info.

How long can you wear brief leak proof underwear?

It's recommended that you don't wear the same pair for more than 12 hours to avoid odor and leakage. You may need five to seven pairs of period underwear to wear throughout your cycle depending on how long your cycles last, and how much laundry you’re willing to do!

How much liquid do teen brief underwear absorb?

The Brief’s slim, flexible Leak-Loc® core and extended lining offers enhanced leak protection. Still want to quantify it? Each pair holds up to 6 teaspoons or three regular pads’ or tampons’ worth of absorbency––quite a bit of liquid!

What type of period flow is the Teen brief best for?

The Teen Brief can be worn at any point during your cycle but because each pair holds up to 6 teaspoons or three regular pads’ or tampons’ worth of absorbency, they work the best for a moderate flow. They’re perfect for the beginning or middle of your cycle.

Does the teen brief work for heavy flow?

The Teen Brief is designed for a moderate flow, but everyone’s cycle and flow is different. For some, moderate absorbency will provide enough protection for their heaviest days.

Are these undies sweat and moisture wicking?

Yes! The Teen Brief is ready to keep you dry no matter what the day brings. You can go full force whether it’s during the big game or a major workout sesh. They’re ready to absorb period leaks and keep sweat off your skin.