Meet Proof

From periods to pregnancy to postpartum to incontinence, the circle of life sometimes feels like the circle of leaks. As a company founded by three sisters, we’ve certainly had our fair share of leaks—who hasn’t?!

We are sister-preneurs. We’re three sisters on a mission to empower all women to look and feel their absolute best.

In 2005, after our middle sister was discouraged by a comment someone made about her postpartum body, we were determined to find a solution to post-pregnancy body blues. Fast forward a few years, and we have created a powerhouse business centered around our namesake belly wrap, the Belly Bandit®.

We have a history of disrupting and revolutionizing the market, of bringing our heads together to create products that make women’s lives better, through support and empowerment. Yes, we’ve accomplished a lot. But we're just getting started!

Now, we want to push our mission even further.

We’re tired of worrying about peekaboo leaks, what we can wear, and how many hours we can be away from a bathroom. It’s time to stop crossing our fingers (and legs) hoping for the best, and start living life to its fullest potential!

That's why Proof® was created, a line of meticulously designed and expertly constructed products that empower women to live life worry free. We’re committed to creating products that — like your bestie or sister would — have your back (and booty) always. Yes, periods can be stressful, sweat stains are annoying, and sprinkles can come unannounced. But if we can make life a little less leaky, we’ve fulfilled our dream.

Be confident, be bold, get out there and do your thing—in white pants if you wanna! From your first leak, to your last, and every drop in between, we’re there for you.

It’s all in the Proof®.

Jodi Caden
Kari Caden
Lori Caden

No sneeze, period, or sprinkle can stop us.