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We’ve got you covered from your lightest to your heaviest day. Learn more about our absorbency levels below!

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Absorbent Zones

Our technology features absorbent layers that have you covered from your super light days to your heaviest, and every day in-between.

  • regular protection

    A multi-layer leakproof absorbent core that features our Leak-Loc® bonded edge technology.

  • Extended protection

    Front-to-back lining featuring an additional waterproof layer for maximum protection. A multi-layer leakproof absorbent core with our Leak-Loc® bonded edge technology.

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Proof® undies are equipped with a moisture-wicking lining that helps fight odors.

If you want, simply add a few drops of vinegar or tea tree oil to your washing machine during the rinse cycle and complete washing as normal.
Proof® period undies were designed to handle even the heaviest of flows.

The Hipster features our super-absorbent core that holds up to 5 regular tampons and front-to-back protection—great for overnight!

Other heavy flow favorites: The Bikini and The Mesh Hipster.

Depending on your chosen absorbency level, our leak-resistant and leakproof styles can hold anywhere from 1 light tampon to 5 regular tampons' worth of liquid.

You may also feel more comfortable using Proof® undies as a backup to a menstrual cup or tampon.
Proof® undies should be washed gently. Simply toss in the washing machine on a delicate cycle using cold water and mild detergents. Hang or lay flat to dry.