We believe that quality period and leak care should be accessible to all women. That's why we created Unders: affordable, machine washable period and Leak Proof® underwear that looks as good as it feels.

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Holds up to 1 light tampon


• Leak-resistant up to 1 light tampon
• Panty liner replacement
• Everyday protection
• Light spotting
• Discharge



Holds up to 2 regular tampons


• Leak Proof® up to 2 regular tampons
• Moderate periods
• Replace or backup a pad, tampon or cup
• Fights odor
• Wicks moisture, quick drying



Holds up to 5 regular tampons


• Leak Proof® up to 5 regular tampons
• Heavy periods
• Replace or backup a pad, tampon or cup
• Fights odor
• Wicks moisture, quick drying

Meticulously designed, triple patented
Leak Proof® underwear


Designed with our patented Leak-Loc® technology


Pulls in moisture, helping you stay dry


Moisture-wicking liner pulls wetness away from the body to help keep you dry


Use and wash, not use and toss


Unders look and feel just like normal undies but have built-in, leak proof® technology.

Our Quick-Wick liner pulls moisture away from the body and into the super absorbent core, helping you to feel fresh and dry. Leak-Loc® edges seal in leaks and prevent liquid from escaping the undies.

Wear as you would normal undies and then machine wash and reuse again and again!

All Unders feature our specially crafted leak protection – the higher the absorbency, the more layers of protection!

Here’s a quick absorbency breakdown:

  • Light: holds up to 1 light tampon
  • Moderate: Holds up to 2 regular tampons
  • Heavy: Holds up to 5 regular tampons

You can buy Unders at some of your favorite in-store retailers.

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Yes! One of the biggest benefits of switching to Unders is that our ultra absorbent undies are machine-washable and reusable, so you can use them again and again.

Not only does this keep single-use plastic period and incontinence products out of landfills and oceans, but can save you money over the lifetime of your Unders. Talk about a win-win!

Unders feature strong protection, but should be washed gently. Simply toss in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. We recommend using cold water and mild detergents. Hang or lay flat to dry.

In a word, yes!

Our heavy absorbency level holds up to 5 tampons, and have been tested to lock in even the heaviest flows.

If you're unsure about switching to Unders completely, you may feel more comfortable using Unders as a back-up for your menstrual cup or tampon.

Don't just take it from us

Finally, an underwear that helps not just your period, but other mom challenges as well! I no longer need to cross my legs every time I sneeze! Stuck without a tampon, no worries. Proof covers everything. Legit and a MUST!


These panties are a fantastic sustainable alternative to pads and pantry liners. I finally feel secure in a pair of underwear that support women during that time of month. They are also super comfortable.


I have a white soccer uniform and to say the least, I was always nervous about leaking through. Luckily I have found my solution and couldn't be happier! Now I can focus solely on the game :)


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