Top Hacks for Dealing with Your Period at School

Top Hacks for Dealing with Your Period at School

Growing up, you’re taught many things—but how to deal with your period at school is usually not one of them. Periods and school usually don’t mix well, but they can with the right resources and proper planning. The last thing you want is to be embarrassed in front of your friends due to a period leak or period surprise. You may wish that you could never have a period again, and while that would be convenient, periods are just a part of a healthy female life. Learning how to deal with period pain and periods at school at an early age can make your period a more pleasant experience as you go through life.

So, how do you deal with school and periods? What would you say if we told you that you could avoid ever having a period “accident’ again at school? Keep reading to learn more about managing your period at school.

How do I manage my period at school?

Being prepared at all times for your period is important. If you’re unprepared and your period starts at school, you may feel humiliated and too embarrassed to tell anyone. Remember, menstruation is normal and most other women will be happy to help you deal with your period at school.

To avoid being trapped in the bathroom with no period supplies, you should keep a few pads or tampons handy at school. Whether you keep them in your backpack, makeup bag, or locker, pick a place and always keep some on hand. In addition, you might want to keep cramp-relieving medicine or ibuprofen with the pads and tampons. (First, check your school’s policy to ensure that you’re allowed to have over-the-counter pain relievers before bringing them onto campus.) Another tip: Women who experience menstrual cramps should stay hydrated before, during, and after their period. If you happen to start your period and don’t have any pads or tampons, you should visit the nurse’s office.

If you have heavy periods, you may want to keep a clean pair of undies in your locker, just in case.

Being prepared for your period at school can help you feel more confident. Bonus: You may be able to help a classmate or friend who is caught unprepared for her period.

Tips on getting prepared for when your period comes:

 #1. Stay stocked up
As we mentioned above, keeping tampons, pads, ibuprofen, and other supplies on hand can help you be prepared for your period. Whether you start experiencing cramping, lightheadedness, or any other period symptoms, or you start your period, you will have everything you need to manage your period. This can help you focus at school and leave your period worries behind you.

#2. Keep an extra pair of undies in your locker, car, or backpack
Accidents happen. Whether your period caused you to need a change of clothes or some other accident occurred, you’ll have a change of clothes handy. Rather than suffering through the day with a period stain, you can change your clothes and get back to your studies. You may want to keep wet wipes or baby wipes with your change of clothes, as well—after all, periods can be messy! As for your soiled clothes, have a plastic bag ready to stash them until you can take them home.

#3. Research medication to relieve menstrual pain
Menstrual pain can hinder your ability to focus and get through your day successfully. If you find that your menstrual pain is intolerable, you may want to consult a medical professional. If you normally experience severe menstrual pain, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and try eating anti-inflammatory foods. Regardless of whether you experience menstrual pain regularly, you’ll want to keep medicine in your bag so you’re prepared. 

#4. Wear darker clothes
If you have a feeling that your period is approaching, you might want to avoid wearing light colors, such as white jeans. In the event you do have an accident, dark-colored clothes can help disguise any stains or leakage. Plus, they can help make a pad less visible.

#5. Know when your period is coming
While your period may not be on a regular schedule, you should be able to estimate roughly when it will start. So, how do you track your period? You could track it manually with a calendar, but a more accurate and easier way is to use a period tracking app on your phone. Do a little research to find an app that you want to try. You may want to reach out to a friend or doctor to see if they have any recommendations for the best period tracking apps.

Can I skip school because of my period?

Have you ever woken up and immediately recognized menstrual symptoms? Whether you have uncomfortable cramps or just feel moody, you probably want to call it a day before you even get out of bed. If a parent or guardian allows you to stay home due to a period, you technically can, but getting in this habit could lead to quite a few absences. If your periods are unbearable and cause you to miss classes, you should seek medical attention.

Alternatively, if you went to school and experienced a period leak during the day, you may have to be excused to clean up. If you keep a change of clothes handy, you should be able to avoid a trip home to change. While you may be embarrassed to tell your teacher what has happened, you should let them know. You may need more time than usual in the bathroom to change and clean yourself up.

How can I stop my period leaking at school?

You can prevent period leaks at school by changing your pad, tampon, or panty liner often. If you use the restroom, change your sanitary product. If you have a heavy flow, consider using a super absorbent pad or tampon. And don’t underestimate the power of a good panty liner! But while these practices can help to minimize your chances of an accident, in some cases, leaks are unavoidable. Even if you have never had a leak before, the anxiety that comes with the possibility of one can distract you from learning at school. If you want to avoid a period leak, you should try following these practices and wear Proof leakproof period underwear.

How do you change a pad at school quietly?

Pads can be noisy. With time, you may become less paranoid about the sound of changing your pad in a public restroom. If you’re not quite there yet, some women find that flushing the toilet while changing a pad can help disguise the noise. But we’d encourage you to not feel ashamed about having your period and wearing a pad—it’s an essential part of life that nearly every woman experiences, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about!

What do you do if your pads leak at school?

Pads can leak. Tampons can leak. And if you start your period without a pad or tampon, the leak may be big. But what if you could wear comfortable leakproof undies and never have a period leak again? You can with Proof leakproof period undies—and when we say leakproof undies, we’re not talking about adult diapers! We’re referring to breathable, buttery soft microfiber panties with a multi-layer Leak-Loc system that provides invisible protection.

Proof period underwear is odor-fighting and leakproof, so you can feel clean and dry even when you’re on your period. Choose from a leakproof thong or brief and take advantage of a 60-day leak-free guarantee.

The last word on dealing with your period at school

By now, you should know how to deal with a heavy period at school—it’s all about being prepared. However, no matter how prepared you are, leaks can still happen, unless you wear leakproof underwear. Enter: Proof period undies. Proof offers leakproof thongs and briefs that are designed to combat period leaks. Your friends will never even know you have them on (unless you share the secret, of course)! And once you try Proof leakproof underwear, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to let everyone in on the good news. Proof leakproof underwear offer invisible leakproof protection—so you can live more and leak less.

Ready to walk the halls with confidence? Shop proof leakproof period underwear now!

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