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    Why is my period so heavy?

    Heavy periods can be overwhelming, but often there is no underlying reason to worry. Heavy flow days and cramps are usually just a common symptom of menstruation, but if you’re bleeding heavily consistently, you may want to talk to your doctor just in case something else is going on. Menorrhagia—unusually heavy periods requiring a change of pad or tampon every hour for an extended period of time—can lead to other health issues like anemia, so it’s never a bad idea to talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

    What type of underwear is best for heavy periods?

    The best period underwear for heavy flow are our Leakproof Bikini Underwear and Mesh Hipster Leakproof Underwear. These menstrual panties for heavy flow hold up to eight teaspoons of liquid—that’s about four regular tampons or one full menstrual cup.

    How do Proof Leakproof undies help control heavy periods?

    Proof period panties for heavy flow can help you control your heavy periods by providing protection that lasts all day long. Rather than constantly going to the bathroom to change your period products, heavy period underwear allows you to go about your day as normal, without worrying about unexpected leaks.

    Are period underwear good for heavy period flow?

    Absolutely! Proof heavy period underwear keeps you comfortable and dry, even on your heaviest flow days. With moisture-wicking fabric, an absorbent core, and front to back coverage, you can feel confident in your period protection wherever you go.

    How can I control my heavy period flow?

    A great way to manage heavy periods is by pairing period underwear for heavy flow with your choice of tampon or menstrual cup. This way, even if your internal product becomes completely full, your heavy period underwear will catch any overflow, and you won’t need to rush to the bathroom as often.

    What causes heavy periods?

    Sometimes, heavy periods are simply caused by a variation in your hormone levels—namely estrogen and progesterone. Other times, you may experience heavy flow due to factors like endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, or even birth control/other medications. Your doctor will be able to help you uncover the reasons behind your heavy flow.

    What is considered a heavy period?

    An unusually heavy period, or menorrhagia, is characterized by the need to change your period product every hour (or more frequently) for an entire day, or multiple days in a row. A period lasting longer than seven days can also be considered a heavy period. Make sure you consult with your doctor if you have questions.

    Is it normal to have a heavy period?

    A lot of the time, YES, it’s completely normal to have a heavy period—especially if you’re only experiencing a few heavy flow days per cycle. Over-the-counter NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen can help mitigate heavy flow, as can using menstrual panties for heavy flow. If heavy periods are impacting your everyday life, you should definitely talk to your doctor. A hormone balancing supplement is a common treatment, but in extreme cases you might need surgery to regulate or stop bleeding.

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