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Period underwear is just like basic underwear, made better. It's washable and reusable and available in a variety of absorbency levels. Designed for all-day comfort and invisible protection, period underwear can give you peace of mind to live your life. As an alternative form of period protection, our period underwear is made with breathable and buttery-soft fabric, so comfortable they'll soon become your favorite pair of undies in your drawer.

Period underwear is a reusable alternative to single-use products. Simply wash and wear, again and again. Our period underwear is machine washable and built to last. Proper care is important, though. Learn more about how to care for your period underwear.

Our period underwear looks and feels like your basics and can be worn the same way, too. Just as you strive to keep a clean and dry pair of underwear on with regular underwear, do the same with period underwear. We offer a variety of leak coverage so that you can choose the right pair for the right flow. Familiarize yourself with our absorbency levels and consider stocking a variety so you’re ready for any type of flow.

Designed to protect, our absorbent core pulls moisture away from the body, and our Leak-Loc® edges help lock it in. Sweat proof, period proof, overnight proof…the list goes on! Order your very own today. The Proof is in the package. Our products are backed by our 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee for your first order. Proof really has you covered.

During that time of the month, we know how important a little extra comfort is. Our period underwear takes the cake, including comfort. Each pair is designed with buttery soft, breathable fabric with no-show edges. Made to move with you and protect you, we've got you covered. Just because our panties offer unseen protection does not discredit just how powerful they are.

Period underwear can be worn day or night. To ensure proper protection, choose the right absorbency level and rest your head for the long night's sleep you so deserve.

Our period underwear is machine washable. Here's what you should know about caring for them.

1. Be gentle

All of our undies are machine washable. We recommend washing on a delicate cycle with cold water with delicate detergents. To keep your panties sanitized, refresh them with a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar in the rinse cycle. In a hurry? You can hand wash them, too.

2. Let it all hang out

Hang or lay flat to dry and skip the dryer. Expect our undies to take between 6-24 hours to dry. To expedite the drying process, blot excess moisture and hang dry. Stock up to make sure you are always covered.

During exercise or physical activity, it can get a little wet (or smelly) down there. Proof offers an entire collection of workout underwear for leak protection. Built with multi-way stretch fabric that moves with your body, our underwear is ideal for movement. As an added bonus, they're designed to fight odor, too. Period or not, you can wear our leakproof underwear during exercise or physical activity.

Our period underwear is available in a variety of absorbency levels, some of which can provide enough protection to be a standalone product. As you shop, pay attention to the absorbency level and what it’s intended for.

To make sure you get the coverage you need, when you need it, we deliver different absorbency levels.

  • Proof® Super Light Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 1 light tampon
    • Panty liner alternative, back up a light tampon
  • Proof® Light Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 1 regular tampon
    • Back up a tampon
  • Proof® Moderate Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 3 regular tampons
    • Alternative to a pad or alternative/ back up to a tampon or cup
  • Proof® Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 4 regular tampons
    • Alternative to a pad or alternative/back up to a tampon or cup
  • Proof® Super Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 5 regular tampons
    • Alternative to a pad or alternative/back up to a tampon or cup

Choosing the right size ultimately comes down to what you feel the best in. Our guidance can be found in our size chart, and can vary depending on the type of underwear.

Period underwear can be used for heavy flow days. Our heavy and super heavy absorbency levels offer enhanced leak protection for your heaviest period days. For the ultimate in leak protection, shop our super heavy absorbency underwear.

We hope you do! Period underwear is really just leakproof underwear that can help protect you from various types of leaks. Plus, our period underwear is designed to fight odor, too. Shop our underwear by leak type:


Because leaks happen, even when you don't realize it, our underwear works to keep you dry. Our styles, feature Leak-Loc® edges to help lock in moisture to help you feel dry, protected, and confident. Say hello to your new favorite pair of underwear in your drawer. Comfortable enough for everyday wear.