Super Light Period Underwear

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What does it mean to have a ‘‘super light’ period flow?

Each person’s menstrual flow is individual to them. It is normal for this flow to vary monthly, and it can also change over time. For example, a person’s period may get heavier or lighter as they get older. A super light period could refer to the amount of blood shed from the uterus and, or the duration of the period.

Most menstrual periods consist of about 2–3 tablespoons of blood. However, there is wide variation among individuals, and it can be difficult to determine how much blood a person is actually losing. A person should make a note if their periods are lighter than they usually are. They can do this by keeping track of how many tampons or pads they use or tracking how much blood a menstrual cup collects.

The following may indicate a light period:

  • a period that is shorter in duration than is usual for the individual
  • fewer pad or tampon changes than usual
  • no usual heavy flow for the first 1–2 days but a consistent, light flow
  • bleeding that resembles spotting over a few days instead of a steady flow

Why is my period so light?

Periods that are lighter than usual are not normally a cause for concern. People often find that their menstrual flow varies from month to month, and some months are simply lighter than others. Period flow can vary throughout a person’s lifetime. When a person first starts their period, for example, their flows are usually lighter and may only involve spotting. Periods tend to become more regular when the person is in their 20s and 30s. In their late 30s and 40s, people may develop heavier and shorter periods. They may also have months without periods and then have a heavier period later. Periods often then become lighter and more irregular during perimenopause.

Which leak proof undies are best for very light periods?

With a super light period, you don’t need a leak proof underwear with much absorbency, but you still want protection. Our super light undies include the Everyday Undie, Everyday Bikini, and High Waisted Smoothing Brief and are all great for discharge.

What are the main causes of very light periods?

In some cases, a light period can be due to stress or weight loss. It can also indicate pregnancy or a hormone-related condition. A light period could be a sign of problems with hormone levels or another medical condition. Polycystic ovary syndrome and issues with reproductive organs can lead to irregular periods. Discussing symptoms with your doctor may help you determine the cause of lighter than normal periods.

Are Proof®period undies odor and moisture wicking?

Yes! Only Proof®has a Quick-Wick liner that pulls moisture away from the body and into the super absorbent core. We use fibers to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce odor, helping you to feel fresh and dry, and our patent Leak-Loc® edges seal in leaks and prevent liquid from escaping the undies.

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