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Proof’s patented Leak-Loc™ technology prevents liquid from escaping. Our leakproof underwear options are made from multiple breathable leakproof materials. Our heavy and super-heavy Proof solutions incorporate this leakproof technology on the front, back and in the gusset of the undies, locking in leaks and keeping you dry. We use a proprietary system along the leg openings, so once your undies begin to saturate, your leaks are locked in. Watch below to see Proof in action!

Our exclusive Leak-Loc™ technology is a patented system that incorporates breathable leakproof materials to prevent leaking, and absorbent antimicrobial inner layers to absorb liquid and wick it away, keeping you fresh and dry. Our Leak-Loc™ system keep leaks in your undies and off of your clothes.

Yes! Our odor fighting fabric helps inhibit the growth of bacteria. What makes our material unique is the antimicrobial treatment is woven into the fabric, not sprayed on.  This means it can’t be washed out or lose its effectiveness. Our odor fighting fabric will last the lifetime of your undies and contains no harmful chemicals.

Proof undies have a range of absorbency levels to provide varying levels of protection, absorbing as much as 10 teaspoons, or 5 tampons worth of liquid. To learn more about our absorbency levels and compare our undies side by side, visit our Absorbency Levels page.

Proof undies are designed for comfort and all-day wear. Our Super-Light, Light and Medium undies feel just like your favorite pair of regular underwear, as the multi-layered gusset is soft and supple.

Our Heavy and Super-Heavy styles may feel slightly more substantial due to their highly absorbent construction, but they will still feel super comfortable. Most importantly, you’ll love the extra protection.

Absolutely! We created Proof undies to help reduce the impact of tampons and pads on the environment. Our hope is they can reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills around the world. That’s why we recommend following the wash and care instructions so that your Proof undies will last... and last!

Check out our detailed Sizing Guides, which can be found on any product's page. Note that your hip and waist measurements are most important when finding the perfect fit.

It’s easy! Machine wash your undies in cold water on a delicate cycle and be sure to use gentle laundry detergents. Do not use hot water when soaking or washing, as this can compromise our Leak-Loc™ technology. Once washed, either hang or lay flat to dry. Never use harsh detergents, softeners or bleach on your Proof undies, as the chemicals in those agents can also compromise the Leak-Loc™ technology.

To learn more, visit our Wash & Care Instructions page.

This depends on the style and absorbency level of your undies. Generally, it can take 12-24 hours depending on ambient humidity, and we have found that hanging the undies to dry is quicker than laying them flat.

We recommend you put them through the spin cycle to remove as much water as possible before hanging or lying flat to dry. If there's still substantial moisture in the gusset, use a towel to blot. 

Just like most intimates, how long they last depends on how well you care for them. Proof undies are comparable with other undies and should last around 2-3 years on average.

Be sure to follow our wash and care instructions to make your Proof undies can last even longer. Important to know: if they accidentally get mixed up with your regular laundry and are exposed to heat, bleach, or any other harsh chemicals, the Leak-Loc™ technology could be compromised.

All of our proof® undies absorb sweat and help minimize odor.

All of our undies have moisture-wicking linings that are designed to draw moisture away from your skin. These inner linings create a one-way transfer that pulls liquid into the absorbent middle layer and keeps it there, so you stay comfortable and dry.

Absolutely. Our Lite undies have enough leakproof absorbency to replace a regular pantyliner.

We recommend purchasing enough so you have 1-2 pairs per day and 1 for overnight wear.


Head to our absorbency chart and go with your flow!  


The Everyday undies is your perfect go-to pair when you need a little extra moisture protection, think sweat and discharge!


For a light flow, the Lite and Medium absorbency are great options.


For a heavy flow, we recommend at least 2-3 pairs of Heavy or Super-Heavy absorbency. That way you have 1-2 for daytime wear and 1 for overnight wear.

The liquid/moisture is wicked away from the body by our Quick-Wick liner.  Our undies are constructed with a one-way transfer gusset that pulls liquid into the absorbent middle layer and keeps it there, so you stay comfortable and dry.

Our innovative fabrics help inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, keeping you fresh and dry.

Yes!  They are comfortable to wear all day and night, and what’s even better is that you can laugh and sneeze all you want as proof is here to catch you!  We recommend the Everyday undies, the Lace Cheeky, or our Brief style for ultimate comfort and a lower rise to accommodate your growing bump.

Of course!  These ultra-absorbent leakproof undies are designed to prevent vaginal bleeding and discharge from escaping the underwear.  The best part is they look like “your favorite” undies, but act like an absorbent pad.  

Yes!  Proof® underwear are a great alternative to overnight pads or sleeping with a tampon. Our Heavy and Super-Heavy styles have complete (front to back, waist to gusset) leakproof protection.  Your sheets will thank us!

For Periods

Of course!  Use our “shop-by-absorbency” guide to help you decide what underwear style and level will offer you the best protection.

Most women can use proof® undies as a replacement for pads, tampons, or cups. We suggest that women who have very heavy flows try our undies at home first.  If you determine that you need additional protection from a pad, tampon or cup, you can still wear the undies as a backup.  Please see our absorbency chart to determine which absorbency level best fits your lifestyle.

Our lighter absorbency styles are perfect for everyday wear. Proof® undies are also an excellent solution for women who pee a little when they laugh or active women who want to avoid sweat marks during exercise. The best part is they feel like “regular” underwear, but provide an additional dose of leak-resistant confidence!

Of course!  We love our Everyday undies as a backup for tampons or menstrual cups.  If you’re concerned about an extra heavy flow, step up the underwear absorbency, Heavy and Super-Heavy are great options!

For Incontinence

Proof® underwear were specifically designed for life’s little leaks.  Our most absorbent style, Super-Heavy, holds up to 10 teaspoons of liquid!

Proof® undies work well for light to moderate incontinence.  They are designed to catch everything from little sprinkles to bigger “accidents”.  Our “Super-Heavy” undies can hold up to “10” tsp of liquid!

In order to choose the right absorbency, we recommend checking out our absorbency chart.

A lot, but our answer would depend on which absorbency level you have chosen.  Please see our absorbency chart to determine what works best for you.

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Our 60-day guarantee is our way of saying, we know you’re going to love proof® undies. But, if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied or our products do not meet your expectations, you can return them within 60 days for a full no-questions asked refund!

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