Period Proof Underwear

With a pair for every flow, you’ll be able to find your proof-perfect fit.

super absorbent

Super Absorbent



fights odor

Fights Odor

Machine Washable

Leakproof Thong
Holds up to 1 Regular Tampon or 2 Teaspoons

Eliminate panty lines and light leaks

Leakproof Brief
Holds up to 3 Regular Tampons or 6 Teaspoons

A classic silhouette with discreet leak protection

4 Different Absorbency Levels





Leakproof Lace Cheeky
Holds up to 3 Regular Tampons or 6 Teaspoons

Cheeky style with built-in leak protection

Leakproof Bikini
Holds up to 4 Regular Tampons or 8 Teaspoons

Basic made better, protection from all kinds of leaks

Leakproof Mesh Hipster
Holds up to 4 Regular Tampons or 8 Teaspoons

Super absorbent and powerful leak protection

Leakproof Hipster
Holds up to 5 Regular Tampons or 10 Teaspoons

The ultimate in leak protection

Period Proof Underwear

Underwear that holds up to 5 tampons, designed for that time of the month. From light to super heavy, there's a pair for every phase of your flow. Use Proof leakproof panties as a replacement for tampons and pads, or back up your tampon or menstrual cup for maximum period protection.

Tell tampons to shove it

Meticulously designed period proof underwear that keeps you covered on light days or during a very heavy flow. Plus, when you switch to reusable Proof undies, you're helping to keep single-use plastic products out of landfills (how's that for a win-win?!)

Top FAQs

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Will Proof period underwear smell?

Our leakproof pairs are constructed with antimicrobial fibers that reduce odor and inhibit the growth of bacteria, to help you feel fresh and dry.

Help! I have a super heavy flow - what should I buy?

The Hipster is a super heavy period's BFF. Equipped with a super-absorbent core that holds up to 5 regular tampons or 10 tsp and front-to-back protection so you're covered, even overnight! Other heavy flow MVPs: The Bikini and The Mesh Hipster handle that time of the month like a boss.

Can Proof period undies replace pads and tampons? Can I use it with a cup?

In a word, yes!

Our super heavy styles hold 5 tampons or 10 teaspoons of liquid, and have been able to lock in even the heaviest flows.

If you're unsure about switching to Proof completely, you may feel more comfortable using Proof undies as a back-up for your menstrual cup or tampon.

How do I wash Proof period underwear?

Proof undies feature strong protection, but should be washed gently. Simply toss in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, using cold water and mild detergents. Hang or lay flat to dry.

To learn more about how to care for your pair, keep reading.

What makes Proof periods underwear different from other period products?

Quick answer? A lot. Proof underwear are a reusable alternative to single-use plastic disposables like pantyliners, pads, and tampons. Additionally, they are safer than tampons - as Proof undies are not an internal use product - and will not cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. We use only the highest quality materials when constructing our underwear - so you’re covered and comfortable, all day.

Can I use Proof period proof undies every day?

Ohhh yeah. Our lighter absorbency pairs are excellent for every day wear, when you don’t need a higher absorbency to hold your flow, but any pair of Proof will give you peace of mind every day of the month.

Go with your flow

There's Proof for every phase of your flow, from surprise sprinkles when you sneeze to super heavy periods and beyond.

Leak Free Underwear

With a pair for every flow, you’ll be able to find your proof-perfect fit.