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    What is high waisted period underwear?

    To start, period underwear is just like basic underwear, but with more protection. Our collection of period underwear is available in a variety of styles, all delivering invisible but powerful protection. For us women that love high waisted underwear to help hold us in, meet your new best friend, Proof® High Waisted Period Underwear. Take on the bloat and the blood with our super-super-super-absorbent period underwear for heavy flows. Plus, these fan favorites are great for postpartum and perimenopause.

    Built for the heavy days, our High Waisted Period Underwear can absorb 9 tampons worth of flow or five pads. Designed for all day comfort and everyday wear. The best undies. Period.

    How does high waisted period underwear work?

    Our high waisted period underwear works to keep you feeling confident, protected, and unstoppable - even on the days you barely want to get out of bed. These period undies feature a four-layer padded towel absorbency that holds you flow. On top, find a moisture-wicking liner that pulls moisture away from the body and absorbs the blood. While you can feel the padding, the freedom to go about your day protected and comfortable, all worry-free of leaks will make these your go-to period underwear for the heavy days. As the reusable choice, wash and rewear your period underwear to maximize their value even more.

    Getting excited already? Calculate how many pairs you’ll need to stay covered all your heavy days.

    Benefits of high waisted underwear for periods

    The benefits are the only thing that keeps flow uncontrollably with high waisted period underwear. To highlight a few. . .

    • Moisture-wicking liner helps you feel dry
    • Buttery soft and breathable material that move with you
    • Machine-washable
    • Sweat Proof. Life Proof. Period Proof.

    . . .the best undies. . . period.

    What are the best high waisted undies for periods?

    When it comes to high waisted undies for periods you’ll need to put confidence in the pair you choose. Afterall, you’re expecting them to have your back. From comfort to protection, Proof® High Waisted Period Underwear are the best. Experience the difference. . . the proof is in the package. Shop online today and take advantage of our 60-day Leak-Free Guarantee on your first order.

    Features of Proof® High Waisted Period underwear

    Our high waisted period underwear will have your back, if you let them. Designed for comfort and protection, our period underwear highlights the following features. . .

    • Multi-way stretch fabric that moves with your body.
    • Breathable and comfortable buttery soft material.
    • No-show edges (hello invisible protection, but the kind with no strings attached).
    • Patented Leak-Loc® edges help lock moisture in to help you feel dry, protected, and most important confident.
    • Variety of styles and absorbency levels to choose from.
    • Reusable choice - wash and reuse!
    • Designed to fight odor.
    • Moisture-wicking liner helps you feel dry.

    How to use high waisted period undies

    The best part about period underwear is you use and wear them just as you would your basic undies. Simple wear & wash, over and over again. You can use our high waisted undies as an alternative to a pad or tampon or a backup - you choose. Either way you’ll be wearing the best undies. . . period.

    Are Proof® high waisted undies leakproof?

    Meticulously designed and expertly constructed, our undies are really (really) leakproof. With built-in leak protection, we’ve designed every pair for the modern woman who deserves to live life worry-free and leak-free. Our Leak-Loc® edges help lock in moisture to help you feel dry, protected, and confident. Our high waisted period underwear deliver front-to-back coverage for enhanced leak protection so that you are ready for anything, day or night. We promise these things are the real-deal. Proof really has you covered - if you let us of course.

    Will high waisted period underwear smell?

    Our high waisted period underwear are designed to fight odor. Yet another way they reduce worry while boosting confidence. When we say these are like your basics made better, we really mean it. Keep your flow on the down low, shop Proof.

    Are Proof® period underwear reusable?

    Our period underwear are washable and reusable. As the reusable choice, treat your favorite undies with love and get your money’s worth. Two tips to properly care for the new MVPs in your underwear drawer. . .

    1. Be gentle

      All of our undies are machine washable. We recommend washing on a delicate cycle with cold water with delicate detergents. To keep your panties sanitized, refresh them with a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar in the rinse cycle. In a hurry? You can hand wash them too.
    2. Let it all hang out

      Hang or lay flat to dry and skip the dryer. Expect our undies to take between 6-24 hours to dry. To expedite the drying process, blot excess moisture and hang dry. Stock up to make sure you are always covered.

    How long can I wear high waisted period undies?

    Periods have a way of showing up at the most inconvenient times. With proof you can be ready for anything, day or night. Shop our collection of period underwear by absorbency level or style to choose the pair that will provide the right protection for you. Our high waisted period undies are super-super-super absorbent proven to absorb up to 9 tampons worth of flow or five pads. At Proof, we never want to leave you uncovered. Use our period calculator to determine how many pairs you need for your period according to your Flow Threshold.

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