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What is the best underwear for sleeping?

While you’re catching up on beauty sleep, the last thing you want is any leaks waking you up. The best underwear for sleeping should keep you ultra comfortable and protected so you can get some beauty rest in peace.. Our breathable, buttery-soft undies also feature Leak-Loc® technology for added leakproof protection. Sleep well knowing that we’ve got you covered with our signature underwear for sleeping, cause nobody likes waking up to stained sheets. .

Features to look for in sleeping underwear

When it comes to finding the best underwear for sleep, you’ll want to look for a few key things (as you may already know). It’s all about the fit and coverage, but our panties have so much more to offer. Embrace the beauty of what makes you you and make life easier with the best underwear for sleeping. Here are 4 features to look for when shopping for sleeping underwear.

#1. Coverage

More coverage equals better peace of mind when it comes to r protection. Some of our most absorbent sleep panties offer full front-to-back, waistband-to-waistband leak protection for leakproof coverage. Heavy flows have met their match.

#2. Absorbency

Every pair of Proof® underwear features our signature multi-layer gusset with Leak-Loc® technology that has multiple layers to draw in moisture and help lock in leaks.

#3. Moisture wicking

On top of those Leak-Loc® layers, is our Quick Wick liner that helps to pull moisture away from your body to help provide a dry, comfortable feeling.

#4. Comfort

The moment you touch our buttery soft underwear, you’ll want to go to sleep. Because practical, protective undies should be comfortable, too.

Benefits of wearing underwear while sleeping

Wearing underwear that helps prevent leaks while sleeping can keep you clean and dry while you catch those ZZZs. Beyond the basics, you can wake up feeling fresh (one less thing to worry about). Plus, our sleeping underwear are designed to fight odor, which might seem like an impossible task but you’ll believe in the proof soon. Feeling comfortable and confident in period sleeping underwear can help you get a better night’s rest while contributing to a more confident you. Wearing our leakproof underwear can give you the confidence to cuddle throughout the night worry-free.

How to choose the right size of sleeping underwear

Your hip and waist measurements are the most important size when finding the perfect fit. Grab some measuring tape and head over to our sizing guide - we provide measurement ranges so you can find the perfect fit for you! With women’s sizes XS-3XL and teens S-2XL, we strive to make period essentials easily accessible to everybody.

Styles of sleeping underwear from Proof

Not only do we strive for inclusive sizing, but we also have a wide range of styles that are suitable for sleeping. From bikini to boy shorts - whatever your preference is, we’ve got you covered.

  • Leakproof Hipster (Heavy): These are our most leakproof undies yet! With the ability to hold up to 10 teaspoons of liquid, these underwear feature a full waistband to waistband absorbent core and modest coverage for maximum overnight period protection. Sleep through that heavy flow worry-free.
  • Leakproof Essential High Waisted Brief (Heavy): This high rise fit features full back coverage and soft fabric for superior comfort. This comfy workhorse holds up to 8 teaspoons of liquid.
  • Leakproof Bikini (Heavy): Classic, cute, and super absorbent, our Bikini style underwear keeps you feeling confident with front to back leak protection.
  • Leakproof Essential Brief (Heavy): With a slim and comfortable leakproof core, these undies feature enhanced protection with their extended lining. Best of all, the super slim absorbent core is perfectly flexible and can be worn daily (or nightly) no matter what activities life throws your way.
Hey teens,, we’ve got you, too.

  • Teen Boyshort (Heavy): Keep your underwear’s super powers under covers with thin and flexible discreet protection. Perfect for sleepovers, these boy shorts hold up to three pads worth of liquid.
  • Teen Hipster (Heavy): Extended coverage couples with our highest absorbency Leak-Loc® core for complete protection, front to back.

How to care for your sleeping underwear

With all your newfound rest, you may be ready to tackle more throughout your day. But, thankfully, cleaning your sleeping underwear is not one of those things on your to-do list.

Be kind to your sleeping underwear by using the delicate cycle with cold water and a gentle soap. If you want to add a little razzle dazzle to make them extra clean and smell fresh, toss in a little vinegar or tea tree oil during the rinse cycle. Hang tight as they hang dry - depending on your underwear’s absorbency level, they might take up to 24 hours to dry fully.

Extra tips:

  • Give your underwear a rinse in cold water before washing.
  • A mesh bag will keep your underwear in great shape for longer.
  • Instead of wringing them out, blot out excess moisture before hanging to dry.

Sleeping underwear for specific needs

Our sleeping undies aren't just for leakproof nights while you're on your period. Featuring a moisture wicking liner our leakproof sleeping underwear are designed for women with different needs, including:

  • Bladder leaks
  • Discharge, after sex surprises (let’s not pretend those don’t happen)
  • Postpartum bleeding
  • Sweat-filled nights

Sleeping underwear for individuals with incontinence

Leakproof sleeping underwear isn’t just for sleeping. Individuals with incontinence can wear our sleeping underwear day or night for those unexpected sneeze sprinkles (if you know, you know). Keep your pee troubles on the down low with our flexible and sleek leakproof underwear. Our Leak-Loc® technology is built into all of our undies to draw any liquid away from your skin, into the super absorbent core. Plus, the reinforced edges keep bladder leaks sealed in - and keep you feeling really (really) dry and protected.

Sleeping undies to prevent period leaks

Your sleeping undies should stay put while you sleep so you can spend your nights weaving dreams instead of changing sheets. That’s why we put so much work into perfecting our patented Leak Loc® technology and designing fuller coverage underwear styles that you can stay dry in, no matter how you sleep. With our moderate to heavy flow leakproof period underwear - your white sheets will thank you.

Are sleeping undies moisture wicking?

As part of our Leak-Loc® technology, all of our sleeping undies feature our Quick Wick lining that helps pull wetness away from your body to help you feel dry and protected all night long. Sweet dreams, friend.

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