14 Ways to Sleep Better on Your Period

14 Ways to Sleep Better on Your Period

When that time of month rolls around, you can expect some potential discomfort. It’s not uncommon for women to experience stomach cramps, mood swings and irritation, breast tenderness, backaches,  headaches, and other PMS symptoms during their menstrual cycle. But, what causes a period anyways? With a better understanding, you might start to realize why it can come along with some discomfort.

After we ovulate, our bodies start building up progesterone, which can make us feel drowsy. A couple of days before our period starts, our progesterone levels drop back down, which can leave us struggling to sleep. Our bodies can also overheat during menstruation, increasing anywhere from one-half to a full degree higher than our normal temperature. The result is uncomfortable body heat, excessive sweating, and, in some cases, insomnia.

Sleep is a vital element of good physical and mental health, and when we don’t sleep well, it can affect our moods, concentration, and work. Here are 14 tips to get better sleep at night during your period.

14 Ways To Sleep Better On Your Period

1. Establish a healthy sleep routine.

Give yourself an hour or so to wind down, relax, and prepare for a good night’s rest. Sometimes, after a day of feeling achy and irritable, we need to tell our bodies that it’s time to relax. Everyone responds differently to various relaxation techniques, so choose your favorite.

Run a bath, light a candle, brew chamomile tea, read a book, or spray some lavender essential oils around the room. Just like you might with a baby, create a routine that helps your mind and body know it’s almost time for rest.

2. Reduce screen time before bed.

We’re all guilty of spending too much time staring at our phones. If you’re able to set aside that hour to relax, make a pledge to put your phone on silent or turn it off completely. Scrolling through social media isn’t conducive to a relaxing evening, so try to limit screen time where possible. 

3. Use heating pads to relieve discomfort.

Heat therapy works by relaxing the uterus’ muscles, increasing blood flow, and easing the pain. Try heating patches or other heat therapies from the local convenience store and see if you can find some extra relief.

4. Do some breathing exercises.

Practices like these can sound fruitless, but it is possible to use breathing techniques to help your body feel a little more relaxed. It’s quite common for people to feel anxious before bed, particularly if they’ve already had a few nights of bad sleep or are in pain. Slow and steady breathing can slow down the heart rate and promote relaxation before you fall asleep. 

5. Try meditation.

Meditation can help increase blood flow, reduce stress and irritation, and even distract you from physical pain. You can opt for a guided meditation, mantra meditation in which you repeat a word or phrase to prevent stressful or irritating thoughts, mindfulness meditation, or transcendental meditation.

6. Keep an eye on what you eat right before bed.

Certain foods can reduce pesky period symptoms that could keep you tossing and turning at night. Foods rich in magnesium, like dark chocolate, can even help relax your uterine muscles. Eat plenty of fruit, leafy greens, nuts, legumes, yogurt, and ginger.

7. Track your sleep, so you can identify the nights when you don’t sleep well.

If you are prone to insomnia, apps that track sleep can promote a healthier sleep routine. After a few months, you may see that the second night of your period is the most difficult for you (or another night), so you can equip yourself with heat patches and painkillers before you get off to sleep next month.

8. Don’t tough it out.

Cramps are often the main reason people sleep poorly during their period, so eliminate or reduce that pain when it arises. As soon as you notice your cramps starting, seek relief, whether that be in the form of over-the-counter medication for menstrual relief or a heating pad. Whatever works best for you.

9. Try some stretching exercises.

We know; sometimes, all you want to do is curl up in a ball, eat snacks, and watch your favorite movie. But a little stretching is worth it. While you may not feel like doing an extensive yoga session, it may bring some relief.

10. Move during the day.

If you’re not a fan of yoga, any physical activity can help with period pains. If your cramps are too painful to exert yourself heavily, some easy stretches and a short walk will do. Taking in some fresh air during an evening walk may also help you relax.

11. Limit your caffeine intake to mornings only.

If you’re prone to anxiety and elevated stress levels, it’s likely worse around your period, thanks to hormones. Not only that but drinking caffeine too late in the day can cause obvious issues like trouble sleeping. Caffeine can also cause bloating, which may already be an issue during that time of the month.

12. Make sure you’re wearing the right undies.

It might not sound like a dealbreaker, but uncomfortable, unsupportive underwear can make your period even more unpleasant. By opting for buttery-soft period panties with leakproof protection, you can remove the worry of leaks at night. You want your undies to hug you gently, offering support and protection as you get your well-deserved beauty sleep. Our leakproof period underwear are designed to move with your body while protecting against all kinds of leaks. With our wide range of leakproof period panties, you can choose from your favorite styles that deliver the protection you need to rest your head with confidence.

13. Find the most comfortable sleeping position.

Many people instinctively sleep in the fetal position when they are in pain, but it’s good to know what’s best for you. If you are comfortable in the fetal position, try placing a pillow between your knees close to your stomach for additional warmth and support.

14. Give yourself a massage.

Use your favorite massage oil and massage your lower abdomen and back to relieve tense muscles. A gentle massage can improve blood circulation and relieve tension in the muscles. Rubbing in clockwise motions on your lower abdomen can relieve cramping and help you sleep.

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As you rest your head, your last thought might be the worry of waking up to a bloody mess, but it doesn’t have to be. Hit the sheets with confidence and excitement as you prepare for a good night’s sleep. Choose from various absorbencies to find the pair that matches your flow. Whether you’re headed off to bed wondering if it’s the eve of your period or full flow is in motion, you can slip on the protection you need. Our buttery-soft period underwear is designed to move with your body as you get all the sleep you deserve. We’ve got you covered.


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