Postpartum Underwear For Moms

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What is underwear for postpartum?

Just in case nobody warned you about postpartum bleeding, we will. Postpartum bleeding can last up to 6 weeks (or more) and usually starts heavy before it tapers off to a light spotting. As you begin to search for solutions for postpartum bleeding, you may be turned off by the bulky designs - but trust us, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Meet your new best friend in the fourth trimester, Proof® Postpartum Underwear. Our Postpartum Underwear is buttery soft, absorbent, and washable - because let’s face it, you have enough things going on.

With heavy and super-heavy absorbency options, our underwear features an absorbent core that pulls moisture away from the body, designed to protect from all kinds of leaks. From accident tinkles to postpartum bleeding, embrace the change your beautiful body is going through. Order a pair (or several) of our underwear for postpartum women. . . the Proof® is in the package.

How does postpartum underwear work?

Our postpartum underwear works by wicking away moisture from your body to an absorbent core for smart leak protection. Our patented Leak-Loc™ technology starts at the Quick Wick top layer to keep you comfortable and dry. Liquid will sit on the top of this layer, while any liquid gets pulled in and away from your body and into the Drop Stop and Seep Shield Liner layers for thin yet powerful protection that helps fight odors. All of this is reinforced with buttery-soft waterproof fabric and our Leak-Loc® gusset to lock in moisture. Our most absorbent undies can hold up to 10 tsp of liquid.

Benefits of wearing postpartum underwear

If you’re about to be a new mom, you’ve probably never had to experience mesh underwear. With our leakproof Postpartum Underwear, you’ll never have to.. Mama, you deserve protective underwear that keeps you dry, comfortable, and confident. Not only does our postpartum underwear check all those boxes, but they also offer support.

Types of postpartum underwear

Find the best postpartum underwear for the first few days after delivery, in our Heavy or Super-Heavy absorbency levels. These pairs can handle even the heaviest postpartum bleeding from day 1 with front to back coverage and an ultra absorbent core. Our high rise fits and soft stretch fabric will keep you comfortable as you recover. As bleeding tapers off, you can lean on our Light to Moderate absorbency levels to help keep you dry and your pants clean. Motherhood is messy enough, wouldn’t you agree?

What to look for in postpartum underwear

When looking for postpartum underwear, you’ll want something super absorbent with fuller coverage, and soft, breathable fabric. Our Heavy and Super-Heavy absorbencies have front to back coverage, while our thin but powerful Seep Shield Liner is built into our Leak-Loc® technology for exceptional protection with breathable comfort. Say it with us, “ahhhh.”

What are the common uses of postpartum panties?

Period underwear for postpartum are for more than just lochia. We hate to break the news, but pregnancy can affect your pelvic floor in ways you may not have considered. (Hello, bladder leakage.) As your pelvic floor recovers, you may find that you have a little pee sprinkle when you sneeze, cough, or bounce your baby. The joys of motherhood are many, postpartum incontinence isn’t one of them - but we’ve got you covered. Our leakproof Postpartum Underwear protects against those surprise bladder leaks and gives you the extra support you need post-birth. Keep them in your pantry drawer for when your period returns, these babies make for great period underwear for your heaviest or lightest days.

How postpartum underwear can aid in recovery

Proof is like a supportive hug for your healing body. What we mean to say is our underwear can provide the support you need for your postpartum leaks. Our postpartum underwear will also keep you really (really) dry.

Finding the right size of postpartum underwear

After having a baby, it’s hard to tell what your size is.. What we can say is your hip and waist measurements are most important for grabbing the right size. Embrace your new body as it changes - grab some measuring tape and visit our size guide, so you can find the best fit. Those new curves look good on you, mama!

How to care for postpartum underwear

Being a new mom is hard, washing your postpartum underwear doesn’t have to be.

Be kind to your undies by using the delicate cycle with cold water and a gentle soap. Feel free to add a little bit of vinegar or tea tree oil to the rinse cycle to keep them extra fresh and smelling great. Hang tight as they hang dry - depending on your underwear’s absorbency level, they might take up to 24 hours to dry fully.

Extra tips for cleaning:

  • Give your underwear a rinse in cold water before washing.
  • A mesh bag will keep your underwear in great shape for longer.
  • Instead of wringing them out, blot out excess moisture before hanging to dry.
Shop our complete collection of postpartum underwear. . . the Proof® is in the package.

How many days do you wear postpartum underwear?

Everyone has a different postpartum experience. With that being said, most wear postpartum underwear or protection for roughly 3 to 6 weeks after giving birth, with the first 10 days being the heaviest bleeding days. After giving birth women can experience bleeding and discharge, which hopefully, your doctor warned you about. When you choose Proof, you choose comfort and leakproof protection, both of which there’s no timeline on. If you choose to wear our underwear beyond the postpartum stage, you won’t be the only one. Moms who love comfort and protection, love Proof. For everyday wear, consider our Leak Resistant Essential Brief (super-light absorbency) or our Leakproof Essential Brief (moderate absorbency). Did someone say bladder leaks or periods? As a mom we know you’re always one step ahead, here’s yet another way to keep your status quo.

Types of leaks postpartum underwear protects you against

Our underwear delivers built-in, discreet leak protection. At Proof, we’ve got all leaks covered. Shop by absorbency level to find the postpartum underwear that’s best for you. Postpartum underwear can protect you against leaks such as:

  • Periods
  • Bladder leaks
  • Discharge
  • Incontinence
  • Sweat

What is the best postpartum underwear for new moms?

Comfort has always been a priority, but recently, we’ve seen a spike in the trend. With brands entering the marketplace for postpartum underwear, women have plenty of options and that doesn’t worry us. Our leakprof undies are meticulously designed and expertly constructed. Hands down, the most comfortable panties around. Proof really has you covered, if you let us of course.

Features to consider when choosing postpartum undies

Our postpartum underwear will have your back, if you let them. Backed by our 60-day Leak Free Guarantee on your first order, discover the proof. Hint: It’s in the package. Our postpartum undies highlight the following features. . .

  • Multi-way stretch fabric that moves with your body.
  • Breathable and comfortable buttery soft material.
  • No-show edges (hello invisible protection, but the kind with no strings attached).
  • Patented Leak-Loc® edges help lock moisture in to help you feel dry, protected, and most important confident.
  • Variety of styles and absorbency levels to choose from.
  • Reusable choice - wash and reuse!
  • Designed to fight odor.
  • Moisture-wicking liner helps you feel dry.

Tips for choosing the right postpartum underwear

New moms deserve comfort, and we’re here to deliver it. As you explore the world of postpartum underwear, consider the following tips to choose the perfect pair.

  • Think comfort
    Just as you want your everyday undies to be comfortable, you’ll want your postpartum undies to be even more comfortable. Don’t make excuses that they can’t be, because they can. From finding the style you are most comfortable in to the pair that has the appropriate absorbency level, rest assured comfort awaits at proof. The proof is in the package.
  • Think absorbency
    The whole point you’re wearing postpartum underwear - leaks! Our postpartum underwear are available in a variety of absorbency levels so you can choose the right protection. Choose from the following absorbency levels:
    • Proof® Super-Light (hold up to 1 teaspoon of flow, great for light spotting, light bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
    • Proof® Light (hold up to 2 teaspoons of flow, great for light spotting or periods, light bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
    • Proof® Moderate (hold up to 6 teaspoons of flow, great for moderate periods, moderate bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
    • Proof® Heavy (hold up to 8 teaspoons of flow, great for heavy periods, heavy bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
    • Proof® Super-Heavy (hold up to 10 teaspoons of flow, great for super heavy periods, super heavy bladder leaks, or discharge/sweat)
  • Think flexibility
    Life doesn’t stop when you’re a mom. Our undies are breathable and comfortable featuring multi-way stretch fabric that moves with you.

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