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Which Proof leak proof underwear is best for daily use?

Our top choices for everyday use are Leak-resistant Everyday Undie, Leak-resistant Everyday Bikini, and our Thong. These styles all have super-light to light absorbances, which is perfect for everyday use. You can also shop our undies by absorbency to make sure you are getting the protection you need. When you need more leak protection, especially during your period, or if you’re pregnant or have just given birth, daily use can warrant great absorbency. Look for styles with moderate to heavy absorbencies like our Leakproof Brief.

How comfortable are Proof leak proof undies for daily use?

Many women choose to replace their entire drawer full of conventional underwear with Proof undies because they enjoy having invisible protection, made with breathable microfiber that also eliminates panty lines. Our fabrics feel like second skin, eliminate panty lines, and stay put. We offer many different styles from bikini and brief to high waisted and cheeky. We have a style for any occasion or activity.

How often should you change your underwear?

Some period underwear can be worn for up to 24 hours, depending on the absorbency levels. Generally, we recommend changing your period underwear every 10-12 hours (depending on your flow!). Of course, if you want to change them more frequently, you can. It’s advisable to change your underwear after strenuous activity, such as exercise to prevent infection.

How many pairs of leak proof undies should I own?

The answer is up to you. We say, the more the merrier! Proof offers so many different styles, it’s easy to stock up and be prepared for any mood or occasion. If you’re wearing Proof undies every day, you might want up to 14 pairs. However, you may need less if you only plan on wearing them for a few days of the month during your period. Even still, because it's recommended that you don't wear the same pair for more than 12 hours to avoid odor and leakage, you may need five to seven pairs of period underwear to wear throughout your cycle. Proof period underwear can also be used for urinary incontinence, discharge and postpartum bleeding.

Is it OK to sleep in my Proof underwear?

Yes! It is safe to sleep in Proof underwear, and some women find it more comfortable than wearing a tampon or pad. It can be difficult sleeping at night when you’re on your period. Some women are uncomfortable with using a cup overnight while tampons should not be used for longer than 4 hours at a time due to the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Pads aren’t even the best option as they often move around while you sleep so period underwear is the perfect solution to this.

Does Proof offer everyday undies in plus sizes?

Currently, you can shop up to 3XL in our Leakproof Brief, Leakproof Hipster Underwear, Leak-resistant Everyday Undie, and Leak-resistant Everyday Bikini. In the future, we hope to offer plus size period panties in all of our styles.

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