Do Period Underwear Work for Heavy Periods?

Do Period Underwear Work for Heavy Periods?

Menstrual cycles can vary from woman to woman, leaving some with a heavier flow than others. Regardless of your flow, though, you’ll want protection of some sort. Women dealing with a heavier flow may struggle to find protection they are confident in. Rest assured that period underwear for heavy periods can be a trustworthy solution when you shop Proof®.

Why is my period so heavy?

Feeling like your period is much heavier than your friends or family members? It might actually be. While sometimes heavy periods come with no explanation, in some cases there is a reason.

Hormonal imbalance

Estrogen and progesterone are the female hormones that fluctuate during your menstrual cycle. If these two hormones are not balanced, the uterine lining may not shed, creating a build-up of the lining. Once that lining finally sheds, you may notice an increase in heavy bleeding during your period.

Ovary Issues

During some cycles, an egg does not release, otherwise known as anovulation. As a result, progesterone levels can be thrown off, causing a hormonal balance. This can lead to a heavy period or unexpected bleeding.

How heavy periods may affect you

Heavy periods affect you in more ways than you may realize. It is more than just heavy bleeding and cramping. From the worry of leaks to interrupted sleep and PMS, heavy periods can hold you back. Finding ways to overcome the worry of leaks and deal with the side effects can help you get back to living more and worrying less. While we want to focus on the benefits and protection of period underwear, we also want to recognize how heavy periods can affect individuals. 

Heavy periods can affect life in the following ways. . .

  • May decrease your ability to get a good night's rest
  • Low iron levels
  • Blood clots
  • Cramping 
  • Worry of leaks

A heavy period can also be referred to as “menorrhagia” or “heavy uterine bleeding”; heavy bleeding in a surplus of ⅓ cup each menstrual cycle. Speak to your doctor if you have concerns about your menstrual cycle to find solutions or answers.

How does period underwear work?

Period underwear is a reusable and comfortable period protection option. They work just like your basic underwear, but with leakproof protection. Additionally, they may require a bit of care. Our period underwear is designed with multiple layers to maximize absorbency and protection. Our Leak-Loc® technology works to protect with 4 layers:

1. Moisture-wicking (top layer)
2. Absorbent core
3. Waterproof liner
4. Water-resistant outer fabric

Our Leak-Loc® technology pulls moisture away from the body to keep you dry and free of leaks. In combination with our Leak-Loc® technology, our Leak-Loc ® edges help lock leaks in. Our period underwear delivers discreet yet powerful protection thanks to features such as our no-show edges. They’re buttery-soft and designed to move with your body. Available in heavy or superheavy absorbencies, they’re ready for all the days of your period.

Does period underwear really work for heavy flow periods?

As with any type of protection, it needs to match your flow. Our period underwear is available in various absorbencies, including superheavy and overnight. Find your flow at Proof® to choose the right protection. Our overnight period underwear can hold up to 9 regular tampons.

Are period undies sanitary?

Period underwear are washable and reusable. After wearing, we recommend giving them a rinse with cold water. When it’s laundry time, wash them on a cold delicate cycle and hang or lay flat to dry (our Proof® powered by Always styles can be thrown right in the dryer!). Try adding a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar in the rinse cycle of your machine to naturally sanitize without damaging fabrics, or your skin! Visit our care page for more information on properly caring for your leakproof underwear.

Which period underwear is best for heavy flow?

For heavy flow days or nights, shop our superheavy or overnight absorbencies. Our collection of super heavy period underwear can hold up to 7 regular tampons, and our overnight pair can hold up to 9 regular tampons.  Our period underwear can protect against all kinds of leaks, because we’ve always got your back. Simply choose the right absorbency level and style, and go on about your day or rest your head for some sleep. Our period underwear are y are designed to help keep you dry, comfortable, and confident.

When should I be concerned about my heavy periods?

As per usual, it’s better to overshare with your doctor as opposed to undersharing. If you have concerns about your cycle or flow, talk to your doctor. If accompanied by other symptoms, you may want to expedite the conversation. Here are some cues that it may be time to talk to your doctor. 

  • Bleeding lasts more than 7 days 
  • Heavy bleeding that soaks through a pad or tampon every hour for more than two hours consecutively
  • Bleeding between periods or unusual cycles 
  • Bleeding after menopause
  • Your menstrual periods are affecting your daily life
  • Severe PMS

Serve up that extra scoop of ice cream and kick back in your buttery-soft period underwear. Shop Proof® today.


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