How Do Female Swimmers Deal With Periods?

How Do Female Swimmers Deal With Periods?

You’re all set for a big swim competition, or maybe just your regular practice, when drip drip you feel it… your period is here to join the pool party. So, do you call in sick and throw in the towel? Absolutely not! You can swim on your period. While your flow does not stop in water, it can slow down

Can I swim during my period?

You can swim during your period (and you should). Swimming on your period can come along with some benefits, such as soothing cramps. Staying active during your period can help your body and mind, and swimming can be a great outlet. Swimming on your period is not unsanitary, but you should wear proper protection.

Is swimming while on your period safe?

There are a lot of myths about periods out there, especially when it comes to swimming on your period. From ideas about shark attacks to sanitary concerns, we understand why you might be trying to confirm if you can swim on your period safely. Swimming on your period is safe and sanitary, and no  sharks will not attack you in the open ocean simply because you’re on your period. Wear proper protection and practice good feminine hygiene.

Myths about swimming on your period:

Myth #1: It’ll make your cramps worse 

While it might feel like a lot of effort just to show up to exercise on your period, it can be beneficial. Swimming on your period may help you find relief from menstrual cramps as endorphins are released. 

Myth #2: Sharks might be attracted to you

If you love swimming in the ocean’s open waters, you can rest assured the sharks won’t be coming from you when they smell a drop of menstrual blood. While sharks may be more excited by the scent of blood, they are just as excited by the sounds humans make swimming in the water and bright colors like yellow, white, or silver. Research shows the dangers of swimming in open waters appear the same,  on and off your period. 

Myth #3: Feminine products can’t be be worn while swimming

Feminine products such as tampons or menstrual cups can and should be worn while swimming. Tampons are unlikely to fall out in water - which might be another concern. Find the feminine product that’s most comfortable to you, and make a splash.

How swimmers deal with periods

Periods should not interfere with what you love to do. And if that’s swimming, the same applies. There are a number of ways swimmers deal with periods, depending on what they’re period is like. For example, some may have PMS while others are just worried about protection in the pool or water. Here are some things that can help swimmers keep swimming on their period.

Stay hydrated

Hormones can impact how much water you need, and being on your period can make you more dehydrated. That’s why it’s especially important to stay hydrated when swimming on your period. 

Manage Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Some women may suffer from PMS symptoms such as cramping, headaches, or tiredness. While swimming can help relieve menstrual cramps, you might want to manage PMS before getting in the pool. Regular exercise is a great way to find some relief from PMS symptoms if you can push through.

Does swimming impact your period?

Swimming in the pool may slow down your flow or help relieve menstrual cramps. Other than those wonderful splashes of news, swimming  is not going to change or impact your period in any way.

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Can You Go Swimming On Your Period?

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