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    Why is my period so heavy?

    When your period first starts, the flow may be heavy. Most women experience similar cycles, but as we all know, things can change. It’s perfectly normal for flows to vary, but there is such a thing as heavy bleeding that can be cause for concern. If you’re experiencing a heavy flow that is out of the norm, contact your doctor. A few reasons that flows can be very heavy include the following.

    • Life changes or stress
    • Shifts in birth control or medication
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Endometriosis
    • Uterine fibroids
    • Menorrhagia

    For heavy flow days, you'll want adequate protection, although some flows may be so heavy that seems impossible. Find your flow at Proof to get leakproof coverage that matches your flow.

    Is period underwear effective for having an extra heavy flow?

    Period underwear can be effective for extra heavy flows, as long as it is designed for it. Our period underwear is available in a variety of absorbency levels so that we can help you cover all leaks. From spotting to extra heavy flows, we have period underwear for it all. Plus, they’re designed to help fight odors. While it may take you some time to truly gain confidence in their ability, we’ll let them show you the proof. It won’t take long.

    How heavy is too heavy for a period?

    If you have any concern that your period is abnormally heavy, contact your doctor. It can be helpful to track how much you are bleeding, which can be measured by how quickly you’re going through protection products. It can also be helpful to track days and times associated with flow levels. Signs that your bleeding may be too heavy for comfort include clotted blood, the need for new protection hourly or very often, prolonged bleeding (longer than normal), bleeding through clothes, severe discomfort, and more. There are lifestyle factors that can affect period flow, but if you have concerns, contact your doctor.

    What is the best period underwear for a very heavy flow?

    Period underwear is available in a variety of absorbency levels, just as single-use period products are. Because it’s normal for flows to vary, you’ll want to ensure you always have the right protection. When it comes to choosing period underwear for very heavy flows, it’ll be up to you to decide if you need to double up protection. Our period underwear are made with Leak-Loc® edges that lock moisture in and help you feel dry. The protection doesn’t stop there though. Our Super Heavy Period Underwear are the ultimate in leak protection with the capability of holding up to 5 regular tampons. But, don’t take our word for it. Take advantage of our Guarantee on your first order and stock up today. Get the peace of mind you deserve when you wear Proof.

    How do I choose the right period underwear for extra heavy flow?

    When you shop Proof, we’ll help you choose the right period underwear for your flow. We encourage you to stock up on a variety of period underwear for all kinds of flows. As you shop Proof, note the absorbency level on the product page to find your flow. If you prefer, you can also shop by absorbency level. Because you probably don’t measure your liquid, we offer absorbency levels by tampon absorption. Have questions? We’re here to help.

    How do I care for period underwear for heavy flow days?

    Heavy flow days are exhausting enough so the last thing you want to worry about are leaks and messes. When it’s time to change your period underwear, store your soiled underwear in a safe place and wash it as soon as possible. Caring for our underwear is simple, here’s a few pointers to keep your underwear like new for as long as possible.

    • Wash on a delicate cycle with cold water.
    • Use delicate detergents.
    • To sanitize, run them in the rinse cycle with a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar.
    • Hang or lay flat to air dry.

    What are the benefits of using period underwear for extra heavy flow?

    Hello really (really) leakproof underwear!. From comfort to protection, we’ve got you (and your leaks) covered - if you let us of course. Benefits of period underwear for extra heavy flow days can include. . .

    • Unseen but powerful protection
    • Triple-patented Leak-Loc® technology
    • Buttery-soft material that moves with your body
    • Front-to-back coverage with enhanced leak protection with our Heavy and Super Heavy Underwear
    • Washable and reusable
    • All leaks covered

    Worry-free periods have arrived. Shop Proof today and enjoy our 60-Day Leak Free Guarantee!

    How often should I change my period underwear for extra heavy flow?

    How often you change your period underwear is a personal preference. The idea of period underwear is that they are just like your basics, but made better. With the ability to help protect you from various kinds of leaks, you can take on the day with the right absorbency level for you. Just as you’d change single-use period products or traditional underwear, at some point you’ll need to change your period underwear. Ideally, if you’re wearing the right absorbency level, the need to change your period underwear will not disrupt your day or night. When in doubt, it’s best to wear more absorbency than you think you need.

    Is period underwear for extra heavy flow sustainable?

    One thing period underwear and single-use period products have in common is their absorbency level. Just as pads and tampons come in a variety of absorbency levels, period underwear do, too. Regardless of the protection you choose (or layers of protection) you’ll want to feel confident that you’ve got leaks covered. After all, nothing’s more inconvenient than a period leak. For extra heavy flow days, we offer Super Heavy Period Underwear that can hold up to 5 regular tampons and act as an alternative to a pad or tampon.

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