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    What causes spotting in underwear?

    Spotting can happen at any time. The cause? Well, there could be several reasons. Spotting can be caused by pregnancy, medication, STD, IUD, thyroid issues, sexual activity, polycystic ovary syndrome, cancer, and more. Spotting is light vaginal bleeding that occurs outside of regular periods. You may start to notice spotting in your underwear or on the toilet paper after you wipe. As a result of spotting you may need to wear a panty liner or leak-resistant underwear. While leak-resistant undies can eliminate the stress of spotting leaks, you should determine the cause of your spotting.

    What is the difference between spotting and a period?

    Every 28 days, menstrual bleeding occurs in non-pregnant women. Menstrual bleeding usually occurs in a predictable pattern or regular schedule. In addition, periods typically only last 5-7 days. Spotting on the other hand, can surprise you. Any vaginal bleeding that is not from your period is spotting. Some women may regularly spot before or after their period. While others may be experiencing conditions that are causing spotting. As women, we should always be prepared for surprise leaks and spotting.

    What does spotting look like?

    Simply put, spotting looks like blood, because it is blood. It’s usually lighter than a full blown period but should resemble a pink, brown, or red coloring. You may notice it as just one spot or skidmark of blood in your undies rather than several individual spots.

    Is spotting normal?

    Spotting is not normal, but don’t be alarmed. You should mention to your doctor that you’re experiencing spotting, especially if you think it’s due to pregnancy. However, in most cases spotting is not a sign of a serious issue. Keep in mind spotting occurs outside of your menstrual period cycle. Light bleeding in the beginning or end of your menstrual cycle is not spotting. If you have started a new hormonal contraceptive, spotting may be a side effect.

    How long does spotting typically last?

    Spotting typically lasts 1 or 2 days. On the contrary, periods usually last 2-7 days so if you have been bleeding 8, 9, 10 days or more, you may be spotting. Spotting blood is usually dark red or brown as opposed to period blood which is usually red. This can help you differentiate a period from spotting.

    Which type of underwear is best for spotting?

    As a woman, spotting can come as a surprise. Wearing leak-resistant underwear is an easy way to stay protected on a day-to-day basis. The good news - you won’t even know you’re wearing leak-resistant underwear with Proof’s line of period underwear made specifically for spotting. Choose from buttery soft and smoothing thongs, hipster, briefs, and more. From super-light to moderate absorption, Proof spotting underwear can keep you spotless all day long.

    Will Proof leak resistant panties provide all day spotting protection?

    Proof is made for women, by women. It’s our mission to keep you dry and confident all day long. You can count on Proof period underwear for spotting to deliver all day spotting protection. Whether you’re enduring a long workout at the gym or a grueling day at work, slip on Proof’s underwear for spotting and let unnecessary stress go.

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