Really (Really) Leak Proof®


Feels Like Regular Undies


Super Absorbent


Fights Odors

period proof undies, for real tho.

Wanna know how? We’re ready to peel back our really (really) leak proof® layers and show you.

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less waste = more love for the planet

“I never thought I’d feel so comfortable in underwear when having my period.”



Teen period panties absorb liquid, wick away moisture, and protect against embarrassing leaks with our patented Leak-Loc® technology.

Proof offers some of the best period underwear for teens and tweens because of our trusted Leak Proof® design.

Absolutely! Our teen period panties are reusable, making them a great sustainable alternative to traditional period products. Wear, wash, and repeat for years to come.

Nope! Because Proof period underwear for girls is super absorbent and protects against leaks, you don’t need to pair them with a tampon unless you want to.

Do you wear pads with Proof period underwear?

Proof teen period underwear absorbs liquid and is designed to be worn as a replacement for a pad.

Can you sleep in period underwear?

Teen period panties can definitely be slept in! We love the added assurance that your sheets will stay clean and dry throughout the night—even on your heaviest days.

Are Proof teen period undies good to wear when playing sports?

Period proof teen underwear is amazing for sports! Forget the hassle of dealing with bulky pads or uncomfortable tampons out on the field and experience the freedom of period panties that move with you.

Can I sleep while wearing these leak proof undies?

Yep! These leak proof undies are perfect for all-night protection, overnight camps, and sleepovers.

When should teens start wearing period underwear?

As soon as their first period arrives! In fact, we recommend teen period underwear as a perfect introduction to period products. Rather than dealing with pads or tampons right off the bat, teens can transition seamlessly from regular underwear to period underwear.

Can you wear teen period panties all day?

Yes! Period proof teen underwear is designed to keep you dry and protected all day (and all night) long.

Do Proof period undies for teens prevent leaks?

Our teen period panties prevent leaks with super absorbent materials, Leak-Loc® edges, and waterproof fabric you can count on.

Will Proof teen period undies smell?

When worn and washed properly, Proof period underwear for girls won’t smell or retain any lingering odors. This is partially due to the antimicrobial fibers sewn into each pair, which fights bacteria.

Will Proof period underwear stain?

We’ve designed our teen period panties with fabric that absorbs liquid without staining.

Is period teen underwear good for heavy periods?

Definitely. We recommend the Leakproof Hipster Underwear for super-heavy absorbency that holds up to 10 teaspoons of liquid.

How do I wash period underwear?

After a day of use, simply toss your period proof teen underwear into the washing machine on a cold, delicate cycle using gentle detergent and hang or lay flat to dry.

Are teen period panties moisture wicking and absorbent?

Yes—all of our period underwear for girls is designed to absorb liquid, while wicking moisture away from the body so that you stay feeling fresh and dry.

What is the best period underwear for teens?

Proof truly offers some of the best period underwear for teens on the market and has plans to expand with even more styles, colors, and silhouettes.