Really (Really) Leak Proof®


Feels Like Regular Undies


Super Absorbent


Fights Odors

period proof undies, for real tho.

Wanna know how? We’re ready to peel back our really (really) leak proof® layers and show you.

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  • Super Comfy
  • Wear Again And Again
  • Sustainable Choice
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less waste = more love for the planet

“I never thought I’d feel so comfortable in underwear when having my period.”



Proof underwear for teens and tweens fit and feel like your favorite pair of underwear but with built-in period protection. Multiple layers of absorbent protection act as a replacement for pads and pantyliners, and can replace or backup pads or tampons. Just plain and simple, worry-free protection.

Proof offers thong, brief, hipster, bikini, sport sports and sleep hipster styles that can absorb every flow. Our period undies feature patented Leak-Loc™ technology, breathable buttery-soft fabric that moves with you, and multiple layers of absorbent protection that pulls in moisture.

Proof undies are reusable and environmentally friendly. Make a small change with a big impact by using Proof’s period undies. A woman will dispose of an average of 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. Non-recyclable female products can take 800+ years to decompose. Replace your trash with class by using Proof period undies.

Tampons and pads can be worn as added protection, but if you don’t want to wear one, you don’t have to. We’ve all been there, sneaking a tampon or a pad into our pocket or up our sleeve to escape to the bathroom. Use Proof and live life worry-free.

Do you wear pads with Proof period underwear?

No, you do not need to wear pads with Proof undies. Just make sure you have the right period undies with proper absorption.

Can you sleep in period underwear?

Sleep tight! You can wear your period undies all night long, leak-free.

Are Proof teen period undies good to wear when playing sports?

Absolutely. Proof undies are absorbent, odor fighting, and really (really) leakproof. They are ready for any competition.

Can you wear teen period panties all day?

Teen period undies can be worn all day, assuming you have the proper absorbency based on your flow. Just like regular undies, you should put on a fresh pair before bed and when you set out for a new day.

Do Proof period undies for teens prevent leaks?

Proof period undies are serious about preventing leaks. Not a believer yet? Try Proof teen period undies 60-day with a leak-free guarantee.

Will Proof period undies smell? Are teen period panties moisture wicking and absorbent?

Proof period undies can help fight odors down there. They have a unique moisture-wicking lining and technical fibers that help inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce odor.

Thanks to several layers of moisture-wicking and absorbent materials, Proof teen period panties are both moisture-wicking and absorbent.