7 Ways to Stop and Prevent Boob Sweat

7 Ways to Stop and Prevent Boob Sweat

We all have experienced that horrible feeling when the weather starts heating up outside, and you begin to feel sweaty. Sweat is inevitable, and it doesn’t just happen under our armpits; it may happen under our boobs as well. Boob sweat may come as a surprise, so it’s best to be prepared for when it comes. If you experience cleavage sweat, or under boob sweat,  it is crucial to treat it. Untreated moderate to severe under boob sweat may result in skin rashes or yeast infections. Fortunately, there are ways to beat the sweat while keeping you and your clothes dry. Combating boob sweat is easier than you may think. Let’s discuss what causes boob sweat and how to prevent it so you can go about your day regardless of the weather! 

What causes boob sweat?

Consider yourself lucky if you sweat. Sweating is your body’s natural way of controlling your body temperature. We do not get to pick and choose where we sweat, so naturally, under our breasts we may sweat as well, Boob sweat occurs for a variety of reasons, however the most common reason is heat. Other reasons under boob sweat occurs includes; 

  • Compression from bra being too tight
  • Friction from movement
  • Exercise
  • Larger breast size
  • Bras that contain polyester fabric

Top Ways to Stop & Prevent Boob Sweat

Avoid synthetic materials 

It is incredible to think that most of the bras in store today contain non-breathable fabrics such as Rayon and Polyester. Rayon and Polyester tend to trap in heat and prevent sweat from getting any air and drying up. Instead, choose breathable fabric such as spandex, nylon, or cotton.

Wear a moisture wicking sweat proof bra

Moisture-wicking bras are designed to pull the moisture from under your breasts and transfer the sweat to the bra's fabric to be evaporated. Wicking Bras are often made with nylon and spandex because those fabrics do not trap in heat and allow your skin to breathe. Moisture wicking bras are a versatile staple to have in your closet. They are comfortable to wear around the house on your coziest of days. You may also wear it to the gym in place of your sports bra. 

Apply an  antiperspirant onto your chest

Many women wonder if it is safe to wear antiperspirants under your breasts. It is perfectly safe to wear antiperspirants and deodorants under their breasts to prevent boob sweat. Extensive research has been conducted to conclude that there is no link between breast cancer and antiperspirant use under your breasts. 

To determine which antiperspirant or deodorant is best for you, it is important to understand the differences between the two. Deodorants are formulated to eliminate odor. However, they are not going to prevent you from sweating, it simply masks the odor. Antiperspirants work slightly differently. Antiperspirants are great for controlling boob sweat because it reduces the amount of sweat by creating a temporary plug  in your sweat pores. While deodorants may be great for more mild sweating, antiperspirants are better for moderate and severe sweating.

Switch to breathable fabrics

While we all love a cute polyester blend top paired with jeans, fabrics like Polyester trap in sweat. Instead, opt for a cotton blouse in your closet. Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics because of its natural fibers. In addition, the natural fibers allow for absorbency of sweat and offer a quick dry time. 

If cotton fabric is not your go-to, consider choosing clothing made with lightweight linen. Linen is often made from flaxseed, which gives it all of the natural qualities that cotton has, such as being breathable. In addition, linen tends to have a more relaxed fit and is not snug. This is good to have because it won't cling to your body, even when sweating. Linen has also been known to keep you cool when it is hot outside. 

Avoid skin tight clothing

Sometimes you want to wear clothing  that accentuates your curves and brings out your confidence from within. However, it might be a little more complicated if it is hot outside. Not only does tight clothing contribute to excess under boob sweat, but it may also cause skin irritation and leave red marks on your skin. So, instead of wearing form-fitting clothing, opt for maxi dresses and loose fitting tops. 

Sweat absorbing lotions

Some days the weather surprises us, the sun shines and the clouds dissolve. You may wonder what you would do if you did not dress for the weather that day. Fortunately, anti-chafing lotions are a quick solution to absorb under boob sweat. It is easy and discrete to fit in your bag when you need it most. Also, unlike deodorants, lotions can withstand heat and do not melt in your bag. You may apply anti-chafing lotions as often as needed. However, be careful not to use too much as it can leave a residue under your breasts. 

Body Powder

Lotions may be a better option for on-the-go to avoid messes. However, body powders designed for sweat provide many benefits. Body powder is designed to absorb moisture, and some  powders offer a cooling effect. In addition, it combats the side effects from the friction of your breasts rubbing against your bra line while going about your activities. When shopping for body powder, consider purchasing one that contains cornstarch. 

Wrapping up

Let’s face it, boob sweat is uncomfortable, and if left unmanaged it may result in an infection. 

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