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Period Underwear By Absorbency

Let's face it, ladies -- sometimes it's a different story every month. Whether you're consistently light, always heavy, or all over the place, our patented collection of Proof undies spans a wide range of absorbency levels. With options ranging from 1/2 teaspoon up to 10 teaspoons of liquid able to be absorbed, there's a perfect fit for pretty much everyone! Lose the pads, get the Proof!
The Everyday Undie

Invisible protection for life's little leaks

The Thong

Eliminate panty lines and light leaks

The Brief

A classic silhouette with discreet leak protection

The Lace Cheeky

Cheeky style with built-in leak protection

The Bikini

Basic made better, protection from all kinds of leaks

The Mesh Hipster

Super absorbent and powerful leak protection

The Hipster

The ultimate in leak protection

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The Smoothing Brief

A leak-resistant undie that smooths and soothes with light compression in all the right places.

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