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Mesh Laundry Bag

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Care for your pair made easy

Designed to make caring for your pair oh-so-simple. Proof has strong protection, but should be washed gently - so this mesh bag adds an extra layer of protection when machine washing while still allowing a thorough cleaning cycle. Just zip your Proof in the bag, toss in the wash, and then remove to allow Proof to lay flat or hang dry.

  • Blush pink detailing
  • Mesh fabric is water permeable for a superior wash, while keeping Proof safe from zippers, snaps, and abrasive fabrics
  • Easily separates Proof from other laundry, so you never accidentally dry your delicates!
  • Convenient 10” x 10” size allows space for plenty of other laundry in your washing machine
  • Durable, rust-free zipper