Are Period Underwear Safe?

It is estimated that the average woman disposes of eleven thousand tampons in her lifetime. Shocking, right? Even worse, twenty billion pads and tampons are disposed of into North American landfills each year! That is an enormous amount of waste, considering it takes almost eight hundred years for those sanitary products to decompose. So, how can we move away from waste but still manage periods just as effectively?

At Proof, we’re providing that very solution with leak proof period underwear that is a reusable and safe alternative to traditional period products. And, it will save you money too! One pair of period underwear lasts between two to three years with proper care. and it’s not just periods. Proof underwear offers great leak protection from ALL of life's leaks including bladder incontinence, discharge, periods, and postpartum bleeding. Pads and tampons aren’t nearly as versatile. But, let’s get down to the facts.

Are period underwear safe?

Yes! Proof period underwear is a safe alternative to pads and tampons. It might surprise you to learn that the ingredient label on the back of tampons and pad boxes have extensive ingredient lists. Did you know tampons and pads contain more materials and chemicals than just cotton? In fact, most disposable period products are made with synthetic materials such as rayon and polyester, which may be bleached with chlorine to give them a white cotton appearance. Proof is dedicated to providing patented technology with multiple layers of buttery soft fabric to lock in moisture and prevent leaks. 

What are the benefits of wearing period underwear?

Biggest one? They are better for the environment. The average woman uses more than 11,000 pads or tampons during their period over their lifetime. In addition, the packaging often contains non-biodegradable materials. It is estimated that it takes between 500 to 800 years for a pad or tampon to decompose. Our super heavy absorbency period underwear replaces up to 5 regular tampons during a single use. Also, one pair of period underwear may last between two to three years with proper care. 

Let’s not forget comfort! Pads and tampons are NOT comfortable. Like, at all. Underwear on the other hand…Like any pair of underwear, it can feel pretty good when you find the perfect style and material. Proof period underwear comes in so many types, from hipster and bikini to a thong. You’re sure to find a pair that works for you. Proof period underwear that is created with super soft, breathable fabric that feels buttery against your skin. Proof is so confident that you will love their period underwear as much as they do that they offer a 60-day leak-free guarantee for their new customers.

And, finally, they cost less money over time. The average period for a female lasts, on average, five days each month. A tampon lasts between 4 to 6 hours before being changed. So for five days, you may use four tampons daily. This means you are using around twenty tampons per menstrual cycle. One pair of period underwear may last up to two years with proper washing and care. Imagine how much money you would save switching to period underwear and ditching pads and tampons!

Is it OK to wear period underwear daily?

Yes! While you should not wear the same pair of underwear every day, it is safe to wear a fresh pair of period underwear every day. Proof created a line of period underwear explicitly designed for everyday use. The Leak-Resistant Everyday Undie protects you from daily leaks and replaces a panty liner. These everyday panties are so comfortable and stylish that they feel like a second skin. The everyday panties are made with breathable microfiber material that moves with your body while you exercise or run errands. 

Proof everyday panties are perfect for: 

How long can you use period underwear?

Period underwear comes with various levels of absorbency to adjust with your flow. You may need to change your period underwear more frequently if you wear a style that does not have the amount of absorbency you need on that cycle day. On average, it is suggested you change your period underwear every 12 hours to avoid leakage and for hygiene purposes. You may notice it is time to change your period underwear sooner when you begin to feel a heavy sensation on your underwear lining or it does not feel dry anymore. 

What is the difference between period panties and regular underwear?

Proof underwear is just as comfortable as regular underwear, except it is designed to be worn during your period or when you need extra protection from leaks. Proof period underwear is created with their patented Leak-Loc® technology. This technology has multiple layers that keep you dry for even your heaviest of flows. Regular underwear consists of a thin layer of synthetic material resembling a pocket referred to as a panty gusset. The panty gusset reinforces underwear to ensure they last longer. Unfortunately, there is little to no extra protection for leaks in regular underwear. 

Is it a good idea to wear period panties?

Over the past ten years, Proof has revolutionized women's health by changing the way women care for themselves while on their periods. Period underwear is a discrete, sustainable, eco-friendly option that feels like regular underwear. Not to mention, they are easy to clean and budget-friendly. As a result, period underwear is an excellent idea for women on the move.  

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Proof was founded by three women who understand the struggles of menstruation, pregnancy, and postpartum. They are pushing limits and breaking down walls to create sustainable, discrete, and empowering products for women. Proof wanted to ensure that women could live without worrying about life's most minor or most significant leaks. Like your best friend or sister, the founders of Proof want to offer support and empowerment through products that do not have you worrying about how close the next bathroom is or sweat leaking onto clothing at the gym.

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