Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear That Helps Keep You Dry

Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear That Helps Keep You Dry

Basic cotton panties that let moisture leak through are so yesterday. Fast forward to now, and even panties are technologically advanced, with moisture-wicking underwear stealing the scene. You might be thinking a pair of panties that can absorb liquid might be thick, less comfortable, and not very cute, but think again.  The latest and greatest moisture-wicking underwear are cute, comfortable and offer incredible moisture protection.  We’re breaking down the best moisture-wicking underwear. 


What are Moisture Wicking Panties?


Moisture-wicking panties are designed to pull moisture away from the body to help you feel dry. Most are made with high-tech synthetic or blended fabrics. Designed to promote breathability, moisture-wicking underwear can be used for sweating down there, periods, and more. Our leakproof underwear features triple patented Leak-Loc® technology, intricate details, various absorbency levels and styles, and most importantly, coverage you can count on. Shop our various collections to find the perfect pairs of leakproof underwear. 


How Moisture-Wicking Undies Work


As with most products, you’ll find some period underwear that are more effective, comfortable, and durable than others. However, the concept of most is about the same. Our leakproof underwear are designed with triple patented Leak-Loc® technology. Here’s how they work to protect against all kinds of leaks.


Our super-light panties offer three layers of protection: 


  • Layer #1: The Quick-Wick lining draws moisture away from the body to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. 


  • Layer #2: The Drop-Stop sits at the center of it all and pulls in moisture. 


  • Layer #3: The Seep-Shield Liner is thin but mighty, offering leak-resistant protection and comfort. 


Our super-heavy undies have additional layers for even more absorbency—we’re talking the power to hold as much as 10 teaspoons of liquid, that’s the same as 5 regular tampons. The layers go as follows: 


  • Layer #1: Quick-Wick 


  • Layer #2: Drop-Stop - technical fibers are designed to provide 3 mega absorbent center layers that fight against odors. 


  • Layer #3: Seep-Shield Liner 


  • Layer #4: The No-Flo layer offers ultra-light leakproof  technology attached to super soft waterproof fabric that offers double protection against leaks. Within this same layer is the Extended Protection which provides even more leakproof coverage, covering the front to back to lock in leaks from every direction. Lastly, we’ve employed our Leak-Loc® Edges to reinforce and lock in moisture to further prevent leakage. 


6 of the Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear That’ll Help Keep You Dry


Stay dry, comfortable and stylish all day long in our highly absorbent and machine-washable Proof® underwear, available in a wide variety of styles. The following moisture-wicking underwear will look and feel like your favorite pair.


Everyday Undie


From light spotting to heavy sweating, our buttery-soft Everyday Undie is your new go-to. The gusset features an invisible leak-resistant lining that  is thin and breathable for whatever the day throws your way. Discharge, sweat, or light spotting are no match for our Everyday Undie. Get ready to fall in love with the comfort and protection (as well as the cute scalloped edges!). 


Leakproof Thong


Get the seamless look of a thong without stressing over leaks, all with one pair of incredible panties. Meet our Leakproof Thong. 


Leakproof Brief


Looking for a little more booty-coverage? Our Leakproof Brief has the power to hold the same amount of fluids as three tampons! The extended lining provides greater leak protection, yet despite their absorbency, they are slim and lightweight for comfort day (or night) no matter what your plans include. 


Leak-Resistant High Rise Smoothing Brief


Our  Leak-Resistant High Rise Smoothing Brief smooths and your body in all the right places while providing the moisture-wicking coverage you’re seeking. These undies are so absorbent they can be worn during your time of the month (absorbing up to 1 light tampon or panty liner), or to sweat it out at the gym any time of the month. Plus, bonded edges provide a smoother appearance with less worry of lines.


Leakproof Lace Cheeky Period Underwear


Where fashion meets functional, say hello to our Leakproof Lace Cheeky Period Underwear. Built to protect against period leaks these underwear are also equipped to fight odors. These cheeky low-rise undies look and feel like your favorite pair of underwear, but thanks to our patented Leak-Loc® technology they are so much more. Perfect for whatever your plans hold, day or night. 


Leakproof Hipster Period Underwear


Our Leakproof Hipster Period Underwear wicks away moisture and can hold up to 5 regular tampons or 10 teaspoons of liquid, making them our most absorbent pair of undies from front to back. Despite all of that absorbency, they are cute and comfortable, making them great both on and off your period. From heavy periods, to bladder leaks, or even sweaty cardio sessions, these undies have you covered.

The proof is in the package. . . order yours today!


Tips for Caring For Your Moisture-Wicking Underwear 


If you want your moisture-wicking undies to last as long as possible, here are some care tips to follow. 


  • Wash on Gentle Cycle: You can wash your undies in the washing machine, just use a cold and delicate cycle with gentle detergents. For an optional upgrade, use a mesh bag to keep undies in the best possible condition. Need a little extra refresh? Try adding a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar in the rinse cycle of your machine to naturally sanitize without damaging fabrics, or your skin! In addition, it can help to hand rinse them in cold water before throwing them in the wash and or after wearing them. 
  • Avoid Heat & Harsh Chemicals: Avoid hot water and harsh chemicals like bleach, as this can impact the Leak-Loc® Technology.

Shop Proof® Period Underwear


Trust in our specially crafted moisture-wicking undies to keep you dry, thanks to our triple patented Leak-Loc® technology. Stay dry, cool, and confident no matter what you’re doing. Shop our buttery-soft leakproof underwear today.


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