Best Period Underwear for Heavy Flow

Best Period Underwear for Heavy Flow

If you muscle through super heavy periods every month, you are not alone. Not by a long shot. On average, 1 in every five women suffers from heavy bleeding during their periods every year. While some may experience a bleeding disorder that calls for medical attention, others just have a heavy flow. Heavy flow can affect daily life or leave you constantly worrying about leaks. With period underwear for a heavy flow, you can get the coverage you need to feel protected with a heavy flow. Period underwear can make a heavy flow less frustrating, allowing you to go about your day with increased confidence, and focus on the stuff that really matters. Keep reading to learn about coverage you can count on, even during a heavy flow.

What is considered a heavy period?

Menstrual periods usually last about 4-5 days, with approximately 2-3 tablespoons of blood lost. Now that we have a baseline for normal periods, let’s look at heavy periods. If you’re bleeding more than 7 days and losing twice as much blood, this is known as menorrhagia or a heavy period. While flows can vary, most women bleed the most in the first two days.

How heavy menstrual bleeding can impact your life?

Heavy menstrual bleeding can impact your life in several ways, and if you’re already experiencing it, we probably don’t have to tell you that. First, it can hold you back. As you constantly worry about leaks, you might find it easier to sit out of activities during your period. It can also cause anemia in some cases. With the restrictions you might feel, social relationships, professional careers, and your overall happiness may be impacted. Life is too short to let heavy menstrual periods hold you back, so it’s time you discover our leakproof period underwear designed for heavy periods. Our super heavy underwear can hold up to7 regular tampons, and our overnight period underwear can hold up to 9 regular tampons. You can wear them for standalone protection or as a backup, whatever makes you feel most confident. Our buttery-soft period underwear feature no-show edges so you can keep your flow on the down low.

Symptoms of heavy bleeding include:

  • Fatigue due to blood loss
  • Anemia
  • Needing to change a pad and tampon every two hours
  • Passing large blood clots
  • Periods lasting longer than seven days
  • Painful period cramps

Top reasons to try period underwear for a heavy flow


To ensure you’re protected, you’ll need absorbency that matches your flow. When shopping period underwear, absorbency can be translated to how much liquid the underwear can hold. Our period underwear is available in absorbencies ranging from superlight to overnight.  We made finding the right pair of period underwear easy on our site with a breakdown of how much liquid each absorbency level holds. Not easy enough? When you find which absorbency level suits your needs, you can easily shop for all the product styles that address the absorbency needed.

Here’s an overview of our absorbency levels:


When we hear period underwear, we often worry about how comfortable it would be. So many questions come to mind: Does period underwear keep you dry? Will it feel bulky or feel like a swim bottom? Our period underwear is butter-soft and designed to move with your body. Plus, it’s available in various styles such as thongs, briefs, or high-rise briefs - just like your basics but made better. Our more powerful absorbency levels feature more layers, so they may feel thicker than lighter absorbency levels. All feature no-show edges so you can be as comfortable and confident as you desire.

What to look for in period underwear for heavy flow

There are various brands of period underwear on the market, so you might find some with different features than others. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and protected. As you shop for heavy flow period protection, here are some things to note.


Absorbency is vital when looking for protection against a heavy flow period. If you do not have the proper absorbency level, leaks can happen. To be cautious, try wearing period underwear as a backup to your period underwear when you are just starting. This will help you determine which level is appropriate for you while discovering what works for your particular flow.


It is important to find period underwear that contains materials that will pull moisture away from the body and contain it to keep you feeling dry and comfortable.


As we search for heavy period protection, we just want to be protected and comfortable. While you might not think this is possible, we assure you it is. Our buttery-soft period underwear are designed with triple patented Leak-Loc® technology for unbeatable protection. We have you covered - if you let us, of course.

Best leakproof underwear for Heavy Flow

Our collection of heavy and super-heavy period underwear is where you should be shopping for protection for a heavy flow. With styles like our Essential Brief (heavy absorbency), Essential High Rise Brief (heavy absorbency), and Hipster (super-heavy absorbency), you can find buttery-soft leakproof underwear in the styles you love with the protection you need


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