Disrupting the conversations surrounding our sexual and reproductive health with Momotaro Apotheca

Disrupting the conversations surrounding our sexual and reproductive health with Momotaro Apotheca

When it comes to sexual health, feelings, scent and discomfort aren’t meant to be masked. Unfortunately, many items you’ll find in the feminine care aisle are full of harsh chemicals, fragrances, and a certain fear factor that often do more harm than healing in an attempt to treat symptoms as they arise, rather than addressing the source of discomfort, let alone your feelings about it.

Before we started Momotaro Apotheca three years ago, I needed a solution for the chronic sexual health issues I was experiencing,” recalls Momotaro Apotheca co founder and CEO Lindsay Wynn. “My journey was not about exploring my sexuality, trying new things, or even ‘taking control of my body.’ I had recurrent infections and found myself at a point where I needed something that made me feel better physically and mentally.

Despite vuvlovaginal health issues like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, UTIs, pH imbalance, ingrown hairs, and general irritation being extremely common, there wasn’t a safe, effective solution that was discreet, accessible, or easy to use. 

Propelled by purpose and a shared compassion for helping others live happier, healthier lives, Lindsay and her business partner Taylor Samuelson set out to create simple yet effective solutions that would address the physiological and psychological challenges affecting people with vulvas from puberty to menopause and beyond.

Their plant-based topicals are gentle enough to be applied directly to delicate vulvar skin, yet effective enough to target the underlying cause(s) of discomfort to help your body heal itself. In 2020, they expanded their topical line to include a probiotic and a botanical hemp-infused Tincture to protect and promote balance from within without disrupting hormones, pheromones, or medication.

As an impact driven company that works at the intersection of sexual and mental health, Momotaro Apotheca prioritizes sourcing the highest quality materials with the least amount of environmental impact so that you can feel good about feeling better. Their systemic approach encourages learning about ourselves and our bodies as complex, constantly changing creatures to help separate fact from fad to find a solution that works for an individual.

“We are complex human beings who live multi-issued lives,” Wynn goes on to say. “When we protect ourselves from harm, be it physical or emotional, we respect ourselves. While the personal remains political, we are no longer subjugated to the boundaries of our biology, or our bodies. How we treat them, feed them, and talk about them has a profound effect not only on ourselves, but our community.

Through education, connection, and a science-backed approach, Momotaro Apotheca hopes to disrupt the conversations surrounding our sexual and reproductive health to forge a practical, proactive path toward holistic health.


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