Getting Real with New Mom Ashley Greene Khoury

Getting Real with New Mom Ashley Greene Khoury

We sat down for a candid chat with the co-founder of Hummingway, actress and entrepreneur Ashley Greene Khoury, about how important it is to help new moms feel supported in their postpartum journey. 

According to Hummingway’s trusted advisor, Dr. Jolene Brighten: a board-certified naturopathic endocrinologist, clinical sexologist, and renowned expert in women's medicine, “Childbirth is a one day event in most cases. Unfortunately, much of medicine focuses on pregnancy and birth with little attention paid to educating and supporting women through the year long recovery, which is postpartum.”

Do you know when you're getting your period back?  

That is one of life's great mysteries, because I feel like my period is going to come soon. I stopped night feeding, and a lot of times when you stop night feeding, and you go 12 hours without breastfeeding, your body starts being like, ‘Oh, OK, you're not feeding your baby as much anymore, so we can kind of put things back to the way they were before’. You ovulate before your period, and I feel like a lot of people don't know that. They end up getting pregnant because they just think, ‘I haven't gotten my period. I can't get pregnant’.  

What are you going to do to prepare [to get your period back]?

I have a to-go kit in my car because who knows when I'm going to get my period again—it could be midday. So I have Proof® panties in every level of absorption because I hear that your first period back can also be quite heavy. If you think about it, you haven't had your uterine lining shed for a year. So generally, there's a bit more of that to get through. I have our Hummingway Cycle Soother patch...I can finally use them! I have the Mother Tucker® Compression Leggings from Belly Bandit that I use postpartum, but especially for when I get my first period because I imagine the bloating is going to come back. It's going to be a lot, and you want to feel good about yourself. I think knowledge is power and anything I can do to protect myself against those stressors…great! 

Ashley’s Postpartum Period Must-Haves: 

Hummingway's Cycle Soother, a non-toxic transdermal patch, is her go-to for managing postpartum pain and bloating during her periods. This essential provides soothing relief when needed.

Proof® Period Underwear: Ashley loves the comfort and convenience of Proof® Period Underwear. With various options to suit different needs, she finds them to be a reliable alternative to tampons. Plus, they offer the peace of mind and protection she craves.

Belly Bandit Leggings: These leggings were made for motherhood! Ashley swears by Belly Bandit's Mother Tucker Leggings and plans to keep using them to help with period bloating.

ashley’s postpartum period must haves

More about Proof

Meticulously designed and expertly constructed, Proof makes it easier to live your life worry-free on your period, or anytime of the month. Perfect for your period, postpartum leaks, and more, Proof has you covered with its triple patented Leak-Loc® technology. Whether you wear Proof underwear for those super light days or need a little extra heavy protection when you sleep, the styles are made to keep you feeling dry & protected. Plus, they’re reusable and made to be worn again & again. Proof underwear is designed to fight odor, absorb leaks, spotting, sweat, and discharge, making them perfect for your postpartum journey.

More about Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit has the must-have products that have multi-wear, multi-function, and multi-stage use, so you can feel supported throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey. The Mother Tucker® shapewear collection provides varying levels of compression in a lightweight and breathable fabric, while the top-rated Belly Wraps provide a stretchy, yet compressive "hug" around your postpartum belly to help guide your muscles back together. Recommended by physicians, nurses, hospitals, doulas, fitness experts and of course — new moms. Ashley loves the Mother Tucker® Postpartum Compression Leggings, which provide targeted compression to smooth and shape.

More about Hummingway

Hummingway is rewriting the script of how we care for our bodies. Hummingway is giving you direct, digestible information and health solutions that enable you to finally understand cycle care. You’ll be more in tune with your body so that you’re equipped to do what’s best for you at all times. Co-founded by Ashley Greene Khoury and backed by experts, Hummingway aims to give you the whole picture of hormonal health. Hummingway’s hero product, the Cycle Soother, is a non-toxic transdermal patch that eases period and ovulation pain.

In partnership with Ashley Greene Khoury, Hummingway, Belly Bandit & Proof: Together, we celebrate Women's Health Month with an Essential Collaboration.

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