How to Stop Bladder Leaks During Exercise

How to Stop Bladder Leaks During Exercise

If you’ve ever thought, “My bladder leaks when I exercise, what can I do about it?”—you’re not alone. Experiencing leaking during exercise is super common, but there are things you can do to help prevent it. Keep reading on to find out why your bladder leaks during exercise—and ways to stop it.

Why does leaking happen while I am working out?

While it may be inconvenient or even uncomfortable, a leaky bladder (also called urinary incontinence) shouldn’t stop you from exercising or living your life. To start, let's understand why it happens. Bladder leakage during exercise may be a result of weak pelvic floor muscles. This doesn’t mean you are out of shape; in fact, even runners, gymnasts, and athletes can have weak pelvic floor muscles. The muscles within the pelvic floor have a variety of daily functions, including maintaining bladder and bowel continence, reducing lower back pain, sexual function and more. We have tips on strengthening and maintaining your pelvic floor ahead, but while you are working on it—and after!—you may want to use leak Proof® undies to protect against unexpected leaks. 

Tips to avoid bladder leakage during exercise

Strengthen your muscles.

Strengthening muscles around the urethra is important if you want to reduce urine leakage. To strengthen the pelvic floor, you may need to practice specific deep core or Kegel exercises to train the muscles. A physical therapist who specializes in the pelvic floor can help determine which exercises will be most effective for targeting your muscular weakness.  

2. Reduce screen time before bed.

We’re all guilty of spending too much time staring at our phones. If you’re able to set aside that hour to relax, make a pledge to put your phone on silent or turn it off completely. Scrolling through social media isn’t conducive to a relaxing evening, so try to limit screen time where possible.  

3. Use heating pads to relieve discomfort.

Heat therapy works by relaxing the uterus’ muscles, increasing blood flow and easing the pain. Our heating patches are self-adhesive and are the perfect thing to keep in your bedside cabinet for when your cramps disrupt your sleep. If you’re more comfortable with a cooler temperature, you can also use an ice pack. This can help by drawing the blood out of the pelvic region. 

Wear Leak Proof® period underwear.

Bladder leaks shouldn’t stop you from exercising or going about your day. Proof underwear is specially designed to protect from bladder leaks—whether caused by working out, a surprise sneeze, or a belly laugh—through a patented absorbent Leak-Loc system that can help keep you feeling dry. Visit Proof to find the leak Proof® undies that’ll work for you. 

Skip the caffeine.

Got an overactive bladder? You might want to avoid the morning joe. Caffeine can increase bladder activity. For someone that already has an overactive bladder or bladder leaks, caffeine will not help the problem. Switching to decaf may be one solution if you are craving the taste of coffee, but keep in mind, even some decaf coffee contains caffeine. Even foods such as chocolate can contain caffeine. In addition, citric fruits may worsen bladder control. Oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits are all examples of citric fruits. Read ingredients carefully to help prevent bladder leaks, and pay close attention to what foods worsen bladder control, as not everyone may have the same reaction.

Try low-impact exercises, like yoga.

When you are trying to get bladder leaks under control, you may feel depressed if you have given up exercise—but don’t let bladder leaks hold you back. If you have not found a way to prevent them, use leakproof panties and make a few adjustments. One of those adjustments could be shifting from moderate to low-impact exercise. Yoga is a healthy and stress-relieving low-impact exercise that you will likely enjoy if you experience bladder leaks. You can burn off some calories, stretch your muscles, and enjoy time taking deep breaths without experiencing severe bladder leaks. With leak Proof underwear, you’ll have protection under your yoga pants just in case you have a bladder leak.

Get help from a professional.

Bladder leaks can be frustrating and embarrassing. While there are plenty of ways you can try to help prevent bladder leaks on your own, it may be a good idea to seek professional help. If you are experiencing bladder leaks on a regular basis, you should seek medical attention—that goes for anytime a health issue or bodily function is affecting your quality of life.

Wear dark colored pants.

If you use Proof’s leakproof underwear, you don’t have to worry about this one as much! However, you may just feel more confident if you wear black or dark pants, since it won’t be as obvious if you do experience an unexpected leak. Ideally, your underwear will keep bladder leaks contained and keep you feeling dry—that’s why leak Proof® underwear is one of the best solutions if you’re experiencing leaking during exercise.

The Last Word

When our bodies don’t work as they should, it’s important that we address any problems and find solutions. As we go through life, many of us may experience bladder leaks. Regardless of your age or the cause behind your bladder leaks, Proof® leak proof underwear can help you get your confidence back. A sleek, comfortable, and breathable underwear available in a variety of styles—that’s what you get from Proof®. In fact, Proof® can completely transform your idea of leak proof underwear. Our undies are the furthest thing from bulky pads and adult diapers. They’re breathable, buttery-soft microfiber panties with a multi-layer Leak-Loc system that provides invisible protection. The best part? You can try them risk-free for 60-days. Our team at Proof® is committed to providing bladder leak protection that is meticulously tested and designed just for you.

Say hello to Proof® and goodbye to bladder leaks. . . shop buttery soft leak Proof® underwear now!

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