Do Transgender Women & Men Get Periods?

Do Transgender Women & Men Get Periods?

What it means to be transgender and on your period 

If there is anyone out there who really enjoys their period, we’d love to meet you. It’s an uncomfortable time of the month, no matter how positive your outlook is. And while we empathize with every woman out there as she deals with the flow, we also want to include individuals who deal with a period and aren’t cisgender women. 

Do trans men get periods? The answer is yes—some do. It often depends on the amount of testosterone you’re taking, and oftentimes you’ll stop menstruating after a few years.

What It Means To Be Transgender And On Your Period

For most trans men, having that time of the month is just as painful emotionally as it is physically. Periods are one of the most difficult times for people already dealing with gender dysphoria (the “conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender they identify”).

As one transgender man, Kenny Ethan Jones, explained: “this dysphoria becomes heightened when I have to shop for a product that is labeled as ‘women’s health’ and in most cases, is pretty and pink.”

It’s humiliating, stressful, and dangerous. 

Yes, dangerous. For many reasons. Think about taking a menstruation product into a men’s restroom. Even just the sound of opening a tampon can lead to unwanted attention—often violence. Jones called it the “monthly terror.” In 2015, the U.S. Transgender Survey reported that nearly 60 percent of respondents to the survey were too afraid to use a public restroom during their period, and 12 percent were verbally harassed in the bathroom.

Another way it’s dangerous? Lack of medical support and care. Many doctors won’t even see a transgender patient and often treat them horribly if they are seen. In fact, in the same survey previously mentioned, one in three respondents reported a negative experience with a healthcare provider. Along the same lines, access to menstruation products when they are needed is difficult. There aren’t tampon or pad machines in a men’s restroom. What do you do in an emergency.

These are all valid concerns. We here at Proof want to say we’re here to help. You deserve to have adequate care and to feel safe during your time of the month. Not just safe—but also comfortable!

Planning Ahead For Your Period

For anyone who deals with a monthly period, planning ahead can help ease the pain and discomfort. For those in the transgender community, planning is even more essential. 

Here are five things you can do to stay ahead of the curve and care for your body during that time of the month. 

  • Track your period. You can do this in a paper planner, on your phone, or use an app to help you predict when you’ll start bleeding. Put a star, a red dot, or even circle the day that you start your period. After a few months, you’ll be able to see a pattern of when you’ll start. The app Clue even has some extra tips for transgender or non-binary persons who need helping tracking.
  • Watch for clues. Just like tracking your period on paper, watch for clues that you might be starting your period soon. Are you more tired? More irritable? Breaking out? It’s not a failsafe, but anything that can prepare you can only help.
  • Scope out the territory. Make sure you know where a gender-neutral bathroom is at work, your favorite restaurant, or the gym. If they don’t have one (which is unfortunately super common), ask a friend to go with you.
  • Choose your products carefully. If you can, choose a menstruation product that lasts all day. For example, Proof underwear can be worn throughout the day without needing additional backup.
  • Care for your emotions as well as your body. It really can be traumatizing to be on your period when you’re trans. Dysphoria is real, and you should never downplay the effect it has on you. Find something that makes you feel good and make time for it during your period.

Proof Underwear For The Transgender Community

Proof is absolutely for you. We support all people who have to deal with a period. We have simple styles that fit all types of bodies.

One of our favorite things about leak Proof underwear is how discreet it is—it looks like regular underwear but provides so much protection. We like to think it can help protect you emotionally, as well—no more “monthly terror” with our underwear.



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