What are Postpartum Underwear?

With only weeks to go before having your baby, you are probably starting to think about what happens after you have given birth and how you can be prepared. One of the most important things? The right postpartum underwear. You need postpartum underwear that is comfortable, will provide you with the support you need, and ensure that you are protected from leaks.

What should I wear after having a baby?

You will probably find that regular underwear just won’t cut it after having a baby as it needs to be able to keep large pads in place to absorb any bleeding, discharge, and incontinence you may face in the days, weeks and perhaps even months after you give birth.

Postpartum underwear, typically made of a soft mesh, helps to hold these pads where they should be and can also help to protect c-section stitches. Postpartum panties will not only replace your pad, but they are also cut generously with wide and stretchy openings so that you can be as comfortable as possible after your baby comes along.

Do I need disposable underwear after birth?

Do I need disposable underwear after birth?

Immediately after having your baby, you will probably wear the disposable underwear that is supplied for you by the hospital. These are good to wear for 2 or 3 days after you have given birth while your bleeding is heavy. After this time, you can move on to washable postpartum underwear with a pad.

Can I use normal sanitary towels after birth?

Can I use normal sanitary towels after birth?

You can, as long as you opt for a maxi sanitary towel or an ‘ultra-night’ sanitary towel as they are larger and thicker. Normal sanitary towels will not have enough absorbency to prevent leaks until your bleeding lessens. Some women prefer to wear maternity pads as they are softer and thicker and will provide some padding to make it more comfortable to sit after giving birth.

Why do I need to wear postpartum underwear?

After giving birth, whether that be vaginally or through a c-section, you will experience a flow of blood, known as lochia, which will last for 4 to 6-weeks, although it is usually only heavy for around 7 to 10 days.

The musty-smelling lochia starts as dark red, typically including a number of blood clots, then, after some days, the lochia begins to thin and turns a light pink or brown color, and finally a cream or yellow color. Postpartum underwear or a pad ensures this is all collected so you can go about caring for yourself and your baby as you adjust to your new life together.

Why mesh underwear after birth?

Many new mothers choose to wear mesh underwear after birth as hormonal changes can lead to increased sweating everywhere and postpartum mesh underwear is cool and light to help combat this. It’s also often recommended by hospitals.

What’s the best underwear to wear for postpartum?

What’s the best underwear to wear for postpartum?

There are 3 different types of underwear for postpartum to choose from: disposable briefs, light compression underwear, and period underwear which can be worn with your pad during those early days, and then without.

After those first heavy days, you can choose from a number of different styles of postpartum underwear depending on what you find to be the most comfortable:

  • bikini
  • boy shorts
  • high-waisted
  • bike shorts
  • crossover

It can be a good idea to get a size larger for your postpartum underwear than you usually would so allow plenty of room for your post-birth body. After all, tight panties are never fun, especially immediately after having a baby.

It is also important to consider the fabric – you need something breathable. There are other breathable fabrics besides mesh, like cotton. Alternatively, you may want to choose light compression underwear if you want to feel a little more held-in, as many new moms do.

If you’re looking for postpartum underwear for a c-section, many women find that they prefer a high-waisted style to avoid and protect their incision. These can also come with a silicone panel or a pocket for an ice pack to soothe your c-section incision.

Our Mesh Hipster style is one of the most popular for postpartum mothers, so is one of the best underwear choices for postpartum.

How often should I change my pad postpartum?

How often should I change my pad postpartum?

In order to feel fresh and prevent any infection, a pad should be changed every 1 or 2 hours on the first couple of days after giving birth, then every 3 or 4 hours as your bleeding starts to lighten, although this will depend on your own flow.

How long do I need to wear postpartum underwear?

The last of your lochia may not “clear out” of your system for up to 4 weeks after you have given birth, although by this time it should just be a yellowish discharge. When your flow becomes light you won’t need the heavy protection of pads, and you’ll likely be ready to return to a more “normal” style of underwear – whatever that may be for you.

Can you wear Proof postpartum?

Can you wear Proof postpartum?

Yes! Our ultra-absorbent leakproof underwear is designed to absorb all vaginal bleeding and discharge to prevent leaking without the need for pads. The best part is, they look just like normal underwear so are super comfortable and are designed with an antimicrobial treatment to fight any unpleasant odors, without harmful chemicals.

Best of all, once you’ve recovered from having your baby and your period returns, you can wear your Proof underwear for your monthly cycle. (Or if/when you choose to have another baby!)

Our washable Mesh Hipster style can hold 8 teaspoons worth of liquid (that’s 4 whole tampons!) without any bulk. As the best mesh underwear for postpartum, Proof’s mesh underwear is reusable, soft, and breathable without compromising on style and you can ditch the pads sooner!

Comfort and protection are crucial after giving birth but with that often comes ugly disposable underwear or ‘grannie panties’. It doesn’t have to be that way! With Proof postpartum period undies you can feel comfortable and dry all day only days after giving birth.

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