Why is My Period Blood Black?

Why is My Period Blood Black?

For most women, after the first few cycles, periods start to feel like a pretty routine part of life. So when your period decides to throw you a curveball — like black blood instead of red — you might feel a little bit of panic.

The good news? Black period blood can be normal. Healthy period blood can vary in color, including colors from bright red to dark brown or even, black. So, what does black period blood mean? And, when might you expect to experience it? Keep reading to find out.

What does black period blood mean? 

Did you know that period blood comes in a variety of colors? These colors range from bright red to black, and can even sometimes be orange or gray. The color of your period blood is an important indicator of your health. Anything in the red to brown/dark black range is generally considered to be “normal” or “healthy.”

The reason the hue varies so much is because blood changes color as it is exposed to oxygen. Blood that lingers inside of the uterus or takes more time to be expelled is exposed to oxygen longer than fresh period blood, which causes it to become oxidized, resulting in a darker color. 

So, what does black period blood mean? Usually, it means that it’s pretty old. Typically, the darker the blood, the older it is. Black blood is more likely to appear at the beginning or end of one's cycle.

What causes black period discharge?

So, if you’re thinking, “Why is my period blood black?” The answer could actually be a few different things. 

Sometimes, blood just takes a bit longer to leave the uterus at the start or end of a cycle. Having black period blood at the beginning or even towards the end of a period can be completely normal.

Black period discharge or blood can also be caused by an infection, miscarriage, lochia (bleeding after childbirth), retained menses, and more. If black period blood is accompanied by other symptoms such as an unpleasant odor or foul-smelling discharge, burning while urinating, vaginal itching, fever, trouble passing bowel movements, or swelling in the legs, contact your doctor.

Is black period blood normal? 

Black period blood at the beginning of your period or towards the end can be normal. You may also experience black discharge during pregnancy or right after giving birth. Black period blood after giving birth can be referred to as lochia. This postpartum discharge (lochia) is how the body naturally expels excess fluids and tissues from the uterus as part of the postpartum healing process after delivery. 

If you have any concerns about the color of your period blood or any other unusual symptoms, talk to your doctor. Talking about your period might seem unnatural, but rest assured, periods are a normal part of the female life.

Should I be concerned if my period blood is black? 

In most cases, black period blood is not a cause for concern. It can be a sign that the body is clearing itself out. Typically, black period blood is just blood that has taken longer to leave the body. However, if it is accompanied by other symptoms, it might be time to talk to your doctor.

Is there anything I can do about black period blood? 

The available treatment options for black period blood will vary depending on the cause. If the blood is deemed a normal part of the menstrual cycle, there’s likely no treatment necessary. If caused by something else such as an infection or blockage, treatment may be required.

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