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Teen Boyshort

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Teen Boyshort

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moderate Absorbency holds up to 3 regular tampons

Color Tie dye
HSA/FSA Approved

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Life doesn’t stop just because of your period, so we designed the Teen Leakproof Boyshort Period Underwear with invisible protection so you can remain confident. The boyshort is particularly great for those on-the-move days while your period is in full swing. Features a moderate to heavy absorbency; perfect for sports, sleeping, or whatever plan you have!


Absorbs moderate periods, sweat, and discharge

Features full coverage

Can be used as a pad, tampon, or cup alternative

Washer friendly, hang to dry 


Outer: 75% Nylon 25% Spandex
Top Lining: 100% Polyester
Interlining: 68% Polyester 28% Cotton 4% Acrylate
Bottom Lining: 100% Polyester

Reusable & machine washable:
When you're done wearing, simply wash with cold water and gentle detergent, then hang or lay flat to dry


Absorbent Zone; Regular
Center lining protection with absorbent multi-layer core
Leak-Loc® bonded edge technology

  • moisture-wicking top layer
  • absorbent core
  • waterproof liner
  • water-resistant outer fabric
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What are Leakproof Boyshorts?

Leakproof Boyshorts can be used as protection for sports, sleep, and regular-to-heavy flow period days for teens. There’s two components to this style: the boyshort cut and the leakproof protection.

Our leakproof teen underwear comes in a variety of styles, including boyshorts. Leaks can happen. . . anytime. You’ve heard the saying life’s full of surprises, and it’s so true. However, some surprises are more warranted than others. When it comes to leaks, there’s no need to worry about surprises with leakproof underwear. Our leakproof underwear features Leak-Loc® technology that has multiple layers that helps draw in moisture and lock in leaks. It’s the kind of protection (and comfort) you’ve dreamed of.

As for the boyshort style, well, it’s exactly as it sounds, but probably a lot more comfortable than what you can ever imagine. With our buttery-soft fabric and multi-way stretch, you can keep your flow on the down low while prioritizing comfort. Just like your basics, made better.

Can Leakproof Boyshorts be used for heavy flows?

Our Teen Boyshort is made for moderate absorbency and can hold up to 6 teaspoons of liquid. Simply wear them and wash them, again and again. Our underwear are designed as an alternative or back up to pads, tampons, and cups with built-in leak protection for your flow.

As you shop our teen period underwear, you’ll notice each style has an absorbency level associated with it. Match your flow with the right absorbency level to do your part in protecting yourself.. With our period underwear, you can live a little bit more freely on your period. Say yes to that next slumber party. Your friends will never know about your period in our discreet leakproof protection. That is, until you can’t keep your new favorite pair of underwear a secret anymore.

How do I choose the right size of Leakproof Boyshorts?

Our Teen Boyshorts are available in sizes S-XL. View our Teen size chart to find the perfect fit.

How do I wash and care for Leakproof Boyshorts?

Yet another way to keep your secrets, secrets. Our Leakproof Boyshorts are machine washable. While incredibly protective, they’re delicate. To help them last as long as possible, we recommend washing with gentle detergents. Skip the dryer too. Hang drying is recommended. Since they are designed to absorb leaks, you should sanitize them as needed. To sanitize, run them in the rinse cycle with a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar.

What features make Leakproof Boyshorts unique?

Our sporty boyshorts provide full coverage and maximum comfort. How they protect you and make you feel is what makes them unique in the marketplace. It’s not everyday you find leakproof underwear that’s cute, comfortable, and protective. That is, until you learn about Proof®. It won’t be long before these are the new staple in your underwear drawer. From invisible protection to moderate absorbency, we have you covered. For the nonstop days, slip on your boyshorts and take on the world.

Can Leakproof Boyshorts be used for sports or physical activities?

Leaks happen, and not just on your period. Our Leakproof Boyshorts feature a moisture-wicking liner that pulls wetness away from the body to help you feel dry. Simultaneously, our Leak-Loc® edges help lock moisture in. With all this protection, you may be worried others will know. At Proof®, when we say we’ve got you covered, we really mean it. Our leakproof underwear has no-show, smooth, bonded edges to help you look and feel your best. Play the game to win with the protection you can count on.

Can I wear Leakproof Boyshorts from Proof under different types of clothing?

Our Leakproof Boyshort can be worn solo or layered. While boyshorts aren’t the move for all outfits, they do feature no-show edges that are seamless under clothing. Wear them as you see fit (no pun intended).

Are Leakproof Boyshorts available for people of all genders?

At Proof®, we believe you should live your life freely. If you want to wear our Leakproof Boyshorts, we encourage you to do so. Refer to our size guide on the product page to match your measurements with the appropriate size.

How long do Leakproof Boyshorts from Proof® last?

With the proper care, our Leakproof Boyshorts can last for years to come. Depending on how often they are worn, and how they are cared for, the lifespan can vary..

Where can I purchase Leakproof Boyshorts from Proof®?

Proof® Leakproof Underwear is available at major retailers such as Target. For a complete selection, shop directly on our website. We offer a 60-Day Leak Free Guarantee on your first order and free on orders over $50. The proof is in the package. Discover it today.

Are leakproof boyshorts from Proof® suitable for people with sensitive skin?

Comfort is a top priority. . . especially on your period. Teens with sensitive skin may feel as if they have less options when it comes to tightly fitted boyshorts. For some, it’s a case of sensitive skin. For others, it’s a case of being selective about what you choose to wear. Regardless of the case, our buttery-soft and breathable materials are soft to touch on the skin and move with the body.