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    What makes underwear suitable for sweating?

    Some underwear is more absorbent than others. Underwear that works to keep you dry and comfortable is ideal for sweating. We’ve all experienced the panty sweat lines at some point and let’s be honest, we prefer to live without them. Our collection of leakproof underwear includes a special collection of leakproof underwear for workouts. Your day-to-day may also be sweat enticing so you don’t have to be headed to the gym to wear these underwear. Designed for all day comfort, our collection of leakproof underwear for workouts features all the essential styles.

    Is Proof underwear moisture wicking?

    Our underwear is moisture-wicking, thanks to its expert design and advanced technology. Our underwear features Leak-Loc® technology that locks in moisture in and helps prevent leaks to keep you feeling dry and confident. Our layers help lock it all in, starting with our moisture-wicking top layer, followed by our absorbent core and waterproof liner, and finished with 4 way stretch fabric that moves with your body. Our undies look and feel like your favorite pair of regular underwear, but are so much more powerful. Available in a variety of absorbency levels, you will want to choose the appropriate protection for the occasion. Choosing the right pair of underwear can help ensure that you stay dry and protected.

    Why is moisture-wicking important in underwear?

    Moisture-wicking underwear is designed to keep you dry, and that’s the first reason it’s important. Feeling dry can not only help you achieve maximum comfort, but confidence too. The importance doesn’t end there though. Our moisture-wicking underwear can fight odor too. So, go ahead, workout hard and let the worry of odor and leaks leave your mind. Who ever thought underwear would provide peace of mind? We did.

    What materials are best for sweat-wicking underwear?

    Materials matter, for feel and functionality. Some materials are better for moisture-wicking than others. Materials such as polyester, spandex, bamboo, cotton, micro modal, nylon, and more are known for their moisture-wicking capabilities. Our underwear features a combination of nylon, Spandex, polyester, and cotton combined with our expert design to achieve maximum moisture-wicking capability. Every pair of leakproof underwear we offer prioritizes protection and comfort.

    What style of underwear is best for sweating?

    The style underwear you choose is driven by personal preference. Whether you choose our Leakproof®Thong or Leakproof® Brief, both feature no show edges that are seamless under clothes to help you look and feel your best. So go ahead, slip on those leggings or Spandex shorts. Shop our entire collection of leakproof underwear for workouts and choose the style or styles that you prefer.

    Best Underwear for Sweating

    For built-in discreet leak protection, shop our collection of workout underwear for women. At first touch, you’ll understand what our fans are raving about. Here are some of our best underwear for sweating.

    • Leakproof® Brief:

      Our Leakproof® Brief is a staple in your underwear drawer. From workouts to periods, it has all leaks covered.
      • Moderate absorbency
      • Available in sizes XS-3XL
      • Slim profile with no-show edges
      • Mid-rise fit with moderate coverage
    • Leakproof Thong:
      Meet the thong of all thongs. So comfortable, you won’t even know you’re wearing underwear. For light sweats or periods, our Leakproof® Thong is a go-to fan favorite.

      • Light absorbency
      • Available in sizes XS-3XL
      • Buttery soft fabric with 4 way stretch
      • Mid-rise with minimal coverage
    • Leakproof® Essential Brief Step up your protection game with our heavy absorbency Leakproof® Essential Brief. Designed for everyday style, these will be your go-to underwear for the easy and hard days.

      • Heavy absorbency
      • Available in XS/S, M/L, and XL
      • Moderate coverage with maximum protection
      • Classic fit that you’ll love

    As you shop for moisture-wicking underwear, keep in mind that it can share many of the same qualities as period underwear. Therefore, you may want to expand your search. At Proof, our moisture-wicking underwear are sweat proof,, and period proof. We have all leaks covered - if you let us of course. We offer a 60 day money- back guarantee we’re so confident that you’ll love our underwear. Boost your confidence, and shop Proof today.

    How often should I replace my sweat-wicking underwear?

    Like anything else, underwear comes in different qualities. When you invest in high-quality moisture-wicking underwear and care for it as instructed, they should last years, just like your basic underwear. You should replace your underwear as needed, as there truly are no rules around how long it will or won’t last. Slipping on a brand new pair of buttery soft underwear is equivalent to slipping on those new running shoes. From time-to-time, you may just want to treat yourself to new moisture-wicking underwear to get some extra encouragement to get that workout in. Again, there are no rules here. At Proof, we’re all about happiness, so our advice is always to do what makes you feel and look good.

    Are Proof moisture-wicking underwear suitable for everyday use?

    Our underwear are designed for all-day comfort. As your go-to sweat proof,, and period proof underwear, they are ready to take on any and every day with you.

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