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What styles of bras does Proof offer?

Proof offers three bras designed for women, by women. Our collection of bras features. . .

How comfortable are Proof leak proof bras?

When we design our bras, comfort is always top of mind. From the materials to the fit, it all comes back to making the most comfortable bra we can. The real proof is in our reviews. t is.

What makes Proof leak proof bras different?

Proof stands out from other brands with its innovative technology and brand values. Our Leak-Loc technology has several elements. From the quick-dry lining that pulls moisture away from the body to keep you dry to the technical fibers that fight odors, Proof bras are simply the best. Our mission is to create meticulously designed and expertly constructed products that empower women to live life worry-free. Behind the brand are three sisters on a mission to empower women, they understand the needs of a woman and what she wants from a bra.

Will Proof bras help keep me dry?

Proof bras will work all day and all night to help keep you dry. For the most protection, try the Stay Dry Comfort Bra.

Are Proof leak proof bras sweat resistant?

Yes, Proof bras are sweat resistant. They feature moisture wicking fabric that can help keep you dry and confident.

How do I know which size bra I need to buy?

Our bras are available in sizes XS - XL. On each of our product pages you will find a bra sizing chart. Simply find your traditional bra size and it will lead you to the perfect Proof bra size. You should not not need any additional measurements to find your size.

How to wash and care for your bra?

To get the most use of your Proof bra you’ll want to take care of it. Luckily, Proof bras are easy to care for. For washing, machine wash cold on a delicate cycle and use mild detergents. It’s recommended to hang or lay flat to dry. Avoid the dryer if you can.

Does Proof offer leakproof bras for nursing?

From leakproof undies to leakproof bras, Proof has you covered. For our nursing check out the Leak Proof Nursing Bra. It features moisture wicking cups that pull liquid away from the body and into a highly absorbent lining. As a result - you stay dry! No more leaks in your shirts! Our nursing bra also features a one-hand clasp providing easy access. From simplifying nursing to providing leak and sweat control, Proof’s Leak Proof Nursing Bra is a must.

Tips to finding the right bra

Bras, we love them and we hate them too. That is, until we find the right bra. While we may have to try new bras until we find the one, there are some shortcuts you can take to discover the one, sooner. If you care about comfort and support, turn to Proof’s bra collection for a bra you’ll love. Next, determine what you need from your bra to choose the right one. Whether you shop Proof or another brand, knowing your needs and what’s important should help you narrow down your options, thus making choosing the best bra easier.

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