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    What is reusable period underwear?

    Reusable period underwear is about to be your new BFF thanks to our buttery soft, absorbent underwear made just for you.

    Ourreusable underwear for periods is a product that is made with women’s comfort and wearability in mind. With extra fabric and thoughtfully stacked absorbent layers in the area that you need it most, reusable period underwear is an essential product for that time of the month, or anytime at all! Our reusable period underwear will help you when it’s that time of the month plus bladder leaks, discharge, and sweat so you can be comfortable and really (really) dry all the time. You might be thinking, “sounds great, but what do they look like?”. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. From Lace Cheekies, to full coverage Boy Shorts … we even have a Leakproof Thong. We know that you don’t stop wearing your favorite pair of underwear just because your period starts.

    How does reusable period underwear work?

    Our patented Leak-Loc® Technology is absorbent enough for the heaviest of flows, but slim and flexible enough for whatever life throws your way! Say hello to our leakproof, absorbent layers, which include our Quick Wick lining that pulls moisture away from your body, and a buttery soft waterproof fabric crafted with Leak-Loc® edges to hold it all in. This game-changing combo is thoughtfully designed to be breathable, fight odors, and keep you really (really) dry.

    Benefits of reusable period undies

    If we rambled about all of the benefits of reusable period undies, we’d be here all day but here are some fan-favorites!

    • Easy to use. Really, it could not be easier. Slide 'em on and head out.
    • Available in many styles. It’s easy to assume that something as functional as reusable period undies can’t be stylish, right? Wrong. We’re all about form and function over here.
    • They’re liberating! A worry-free period? Yes, please.

    Do reusable period underwear smell?

    Proof® undies are equipped with a Drop Stop lining that actually helps fight odors! (We know you’ll love ourLeak-Loc® technology.)

    To keep your reusable period underwear so fresh and so clean, add a few drops of vinegar or tea tree oil to your rinse cycle.

    Are reusable period undies moisture wicking?

    The buttery soft moisture-wicking top layer of the absorbent core is called the Quick Wick layer - for self explanatory reasons. It acts quick to pull moisture away from your body and towards the absorbent layers to help you stay really (really) dry.

    Tips for choosing the right type of reusable period underwear

    Absorbing your bodily fluids doesn’t have to be ugly. With an abundance of styles and absorbency levels, there are perfect undies for everyone! On our website, you can shop for undies by leak type , absorbency level, style, and more.

    From lace options to full coverage sleep underwear, the style choices are seemingly endless. To find the best absorbency level, follow these guidelines:

    • Super-Light: Holds up to 1 light tampon. Great for light spotting and acts as an alternative to a panty liner.
    • Light: Holds up to 1 regular tampon or 2 tsp. of liquid. Perfect for your light days.
    • Moderate: Holds as much as 3 regular tampons or 6 tsp. of liquid.
    • Heavy: Holds up to 4 regular tampons or 8 tsp. of liquid. Not only are these great for your heavy flow days, but perfect for moderate bladder leaks as well.
    • Super-Heavy: The workhorse. Holds up to 10 tsp. of liquid. Ideal for overnight protection, postpartum, and bladder leaks.
    All of our absorbency levels offer buttery soft comfort and odor-fighting layers for all leaks.

    How to use reusable period underwear

    Reusable period underwear can be used just like regular underwear - except they’ll work hard to absorb whatever bodily fluids you might have.. Aim to change them as needed.s. Now that you know how reusable period underwear works and the guesswork is gone, see what all the hype is about.

    How to care for reusable period undies

    Now that you’re on board, here's how best to care for them:

    Be kind to your undies by using the delicate cycle with cold water and a gentle soap. If you want to add a little oomph to sanitize and keep them smelling extra fresh, toss in a little vinegar or tea tree oil during the rinse cycle. Hang tight as they hang dry - depending on your underwear’s absorbency level, they might take up to 24 hours to dry fully.

    Extra tips:

    • Give your underwear a rinse in cold water before washing.
    • A mesh bag will keep your underwear in great shape for longer.
    • Instead of wringing them out, blot out excess moisture before hanging them to dry.

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