Accessibility Statement

Proof’s commitment to access for all

At Proof, our principal mission is to empower and uplift.  This mission extends to the digital experiences found at  We understand that a commitment to providing an excellent user experience requires a partnership between our internal teams and the users who visit

Shopproof is administered by a talented team of developers and designers.  This team is continually striving to improve our website to meet the standards found in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. The guidelines found in (WCAG) are referenced by our teams to ensure that all web content and features are designed and developed to be accessible for individuals with disabilities who access the web via assistive technology.

These globally recognized best practices, as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium, consist of three levels of accessibility measurement, A, AA, and AAA.  To the greatest extent possible, our team is striving to conform to level AA of these guidelines.

We value your feedback!

Our team would love your feedback.  If you experience any difficulty accessing any element on or would like to share any other insight, please contact us via email