Give Your 2021 Fitness Resolutions a Boost

It’s no surprise that many people use the new year as a time to jump start their fitness goals. More gym memberships are purchased in January than any other time of the year, but 80% of new members quit within five months. Want to be one of the few that actually sticks to a fitness goal beyond May? Give yourself a boost with these simple steps to make your goals more attainable.

1. Build Pleasure into Your Workout. 

Whether it’s slipping into playfully-bright workout leggings or saving your favorite podcasts to listen to on a run, it’s important to make your sweat session seem more like a treat to yourself than a punishment to make it last beyond the month of January – that way, you’ll actually look forward to this new routine!

2. Make it automatic.

While laying out workout clothes isn’t for *everyone*, putting your routine on autopilot is the easiest way to help yourself get consistent. One hack we love? Putting all of your gear in one spot. Roll socks, sweat-wicking proof undies, your favorite sports bra and tank up in your leggings and pull out one bundle at a time for a ready-made outfit. Bonus – when you slip off your sneakers, put them back next to the drawer where you keep your workout bundles for an almost-excuse-proof way to get going.

3. Find community - even when exercising alone.

A socially distanced workout is great, but isn’t for everyone. Most goal getters achieve more success when they back up goals with a system of accountability. Facebook groups, workout text chains, and even subscription services that sync you up with others to support your goals is a great way to stay on track.

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