How to Manage Periods While Travelling?

How to Manage Periods While Travelling?

While it might not be ideal, there’s no reason not to have a great time traveling the world when you’re on your period.

How do I manage my period when traveling?

When you pack, keep these tips in mind:

1. Get organized ahead of time.

If you’re flying while on your period, you’ll want your feminine hygiene products stored where you can easily reach them (especially if it’s a long-haul flight!). We love having reusable, zip-closure bags to stick in a purse or backpack that can be stored right at your feet, whether it’s for a long flight or a road trip.

2. Pick and pack the right products.

Think about your destination and your activities before you choose which products to pack.

Tampons and pads

Make sure you’ll be in a location where you can easily dispose of them, and bring enough for every day you’re gone

Panty liners

Bring enough to protect your clothing on your low flow days

Period underwear

Snag your favorite styles from Proof, pack enough pairs for each day and night in your carry-on, and you’re good to go. Tip: Pack a zip-closure laundry bag for storage until you can wash your undies!

Menstrual cup

A great reusable option, but make sure you’ll have access to clean water so you can rinse it and keep it clean.

3. Plan for self-care.

If you experience cramps and exhaustion, make sure you pack what you’ll need to care for your body. It’s no fun to be running around a foreign city or hiking a mountain when you’re in pain.

Heating pads: If you’re traveling within the United States, this one is easy! Just toss your favorite heating pad in your carry-on. But if you’re camping or traveling internationally, you’ll want to make sure you have something that doesn’t require a plug. One option? Heating Patches for Menstrual Cramps, which don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage, don’t require a plug, and can help provide relief while you’re on the go.

Medication: If you need it, be sure to pack something to help with menstrual pain while you’re traveling. Depending on where you travel, you might not have access to a pharmacy, so plan ahead!

Comfortable clothes: Whether you’re touring museums in a European city or hiking through the jungle, you’ll want clothes that are comfortable while you move.

Can traveling affect your period?

Your doctor can advise you best, but the truth is, traveling may affect your period. Any amount of stress (good or bad!) can cause your “normal” menstrual cycle to feel a little off. You might start later than usual, your flow might be heavier or lighter than usual, or you might experience PMS and other menstrual symptoms (like cramps or bloating) differently.

If you’re flying, remember that stress, jetlag, and travel exhaustion can affect your period. You might be late, have an increase in cramping or bloating, and feel generally grumpy and irritable when you arrive. We suggest planning for enough time to relax once you reach your destination before you head out to explore.

How to manage your period on long journeys/flights

Does flying on an airplane affect periods? The short answer: It might! If you’re traveling across the country, the ocean, or the world, it’s a good idea to plan ahead so you can be comfortable (no matter how long you sit on the tarmac). Check out these five tips for long flights:

1. Keep a few period products handy in your purse.

2. Store all of your extra period products in your carry-on. If your luggage gets lost, you don’t want those items to be lost along with it!

3. Wear your comfiest clothes. You don’t want a tight waistband or stiff fabric to make you feel more uncomfortable.

4. Stay hydrated. You’ll feel better, and drinking plenty of water can also help with jetlag!

5. Bring something to help with period cramps. Heating Patches for Menstrual Cramps from Proof are perfect for a long flight! They’re easy to store in your purse and can provide just the right amount of heat to help alleviate pain.

Tips for managing period pain symptoms

There’s no reason you can’t have a fantastic time while traveling, even if you’re on your period. You can be comfortable, see the world, and menstruate at the same time! Just keep these three things in mind:

1. Prepare your period products. Make sure you bring enough, store them where they are easily accessible, and keep them clean. If you’re flying, prepare ahead of time if you think you might start your period. Who wants to leak at 10,000 feet without something to take care of it? We get that—that’s why we love putting on a pair of Proof underwear, just in case.

2. Take time to rest. Don’t just go, go, go until you’re miserable. Plan your day around having a rest and putting your feet up for a few minutes, and you’ll have more energy to conquer the world.

3. Manage pain before it becomes a problem. Bring heating patches, a heating pad, and any doctor-recommended medications, and rest before you feel like you want to curl up and cry. Staying ahead of your pain is always the best way!

The Last Word

Whether you’re traveling locally or all the way across the world, you can have a great time traveling on your period. Plan ahead, bring enough products, and care for yourself. We can’t wait to see where you go!

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