How Do Dancers Deal with Periods?

How Do Dancers Deal with Periods?

Periods can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but life goes on. And, so does the show if you’re a professional dancer! When you’re an athlete for a living, and one who is required to wear very tight clothing at that, navigating periods can look a little different than it does for most women. Can you even imagine wearing a leotard or tights paired with a pad? No thanks. Fortunately, if you’re looking for ways to make periods a little easier as a dancer, you’re in the right place. Once you’ve uncovered the secrets, share them. Other dancers are wondering the same thing, they may just be shy to speak out. Below are  a few tips and solutions that will ensure your period never closes the curtain.

What is period underwear for dancers?

As a dancer, the last thing you want to do is worry about your period.. With period underwear you can dance more and worry less. As a reusable alternative, our period underwear comes in a variety of styles and absorbency levels, but all share a few common denominators. One of those denominators being unseen but powerful protection. Do a happy dance in our breathable and buttery soft period underwear featuring multi-way stretch that moves with your body.

How does period underwear for dancers work?

Period underwear is worn just like any other underwear. Choose an absorbency level that matches your flow, and get to dancing for the day. When you’re ready for a fresh pair, our period underwear are machine washable and reusable.

Why do dancers need Proof® period undies?

Dancers need ways to do what they love more, and be the best they can be. Because life keeps moving, even during that time of month, period underwear can help keep you moving with it. Dancers can use period underwear as a reusable alternative to traditional single-use period products. But, that’s not the only way it can benefit dancers. Truth is, our underwear was crafted with built-in leak protection. While we do offer a collection marketed for periods, our leakproof underwear can be worn for all types of leak protection. Period or not, our underwear features no-show edges that are seamless under clothes. Beyond that, they feature Leak-Loc® edges that help lock moisture in to help you feel dry.

Can period underwear for dancers be used for heavy flows?

On heavy flow days you may feel restricted but with our period underwear, you can keep dancing - even during heavy flow days. Find your flow at Proof®. Here’s an overview of our absorbency levels:
  • Proof® Super Light Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 1 light tampon
    • Alternative to panty liner or back up a tampon or cup
  • Proof® Light Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 1 regular tampon
    • Alternative to panty liner or back up a tampon or cup
  • Proof® Moderate Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 3 regular tampons
    • Alternative to pad or back up a tampon or cup
  • Proof® Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 4 regular tampons
    • Alternative to pad or back up a tampon or cup
  • Proof® Super-Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
    • Holds up to 5 regular tampons
    • Alternative to pad or back up a tampon or cup

Period tips for professional dancers & how to manage menstruation as an athlete

As a professional dancer, the show goes on––period or not. Let’s face it, dancing in a pad just doesn’t fly as gracefully as a grandé jete. Luckily, there are other solutions and tips that can keep you dancing on your period. 

Wear the right clothing on your period days––think black and red. Regardless of your choice of protection, wearing forgiving colors can help you stress less and dance more. With the right period underwear, leaks should not happen, but in life we should be prepared for anything. In the event of a leak, a forgiving color such as red or black can save you from embarrassment. 

Be ready with extra outfits. From bloating to panty lines and leaks, you may want to change out of your dance outfits as soon as possible. Of course, there’s always the chance of leaks too. As you sweat and bleed there’s a lot of absorption required to protect you. Being prepared with extra outfits can help you eliminate any speed bumps in your day.

Wear extra barriers underneath outfits for added protection. Even if you’re wearing a tampon or pad, you should consider extra protection too. Period underwear is an example of an added protection barrier. You could also consider wearing shorts or some type of added protection over your leotard. 

Try period underwear. With the right period underwear you can forget all other protection tips. While it may take you some time to gain confidence in your new underwear, give it a little time and you will never look back. For the best period underwear, shop Proof®

Heating patches for menstrual cramp relief. Menstrual cramps can seriously disrupt the day-to-day. While you may want to lay in bed all day, just remember that showing up is the hardest part. 

Know when to seek treatment. Some women and young ladies may need to seek professional advice for coping with periods. If you feel something is wrong or find symptoms unmanageable, seek professional advice. 

Do dancers need period underwear?

As a dancer or performer, period underwear is a game changer. Whether you use it to catch leaks or eliminate the need for tampons or pads, the right period underwear is key. First, it will need to fit right. Afterall, you’ll likely be hiding it under tight clothing such as leotards. Next, it’ll need to be reliable (AKA leak proof). While periods require attention, they should not require all your attention. You should be able to slip on your period underwear and proceed with dancing confidently. Lastly, period underwear should be breathable, comfortable, and odor fighting. 

So, where do you find the best period underwear that checks off all the boxes? The answer is Proof® Leak Proof underwear is really (really) leak proof, breathable and comfortable, odor fighting, and super absorbent. It’s sweat proof, life proof, and most importantly, period proof. Available in a variety of styles and absorbent levels, you can stock your drawers with a variety of period underwear for all flows, occasions, and outfits. 

Benefits of period underwear for dancers

Dancers of all ages love period underwear for so many reasons. While you’ll form your own list of favorite things about period underwear, here are some common benefits. 

  • Confidence. Period underwear can give you a sense of confidence as you can dance worry free. Say goodbye to crinkly pad noises and the friction of a tampon as you dance freely in period underwear. With period underwear you can focus on being the very best dancer every day, not smuggling a pad or tampon to the bathroom. If you’re changing in front of others, period underwear can also boost your confidence. 
  • Performance. Dancers are competitive by nature so anything that takes away from performance will cause frustration. Period underwear can give you the freedom to wear the outfits you want and dance freely, period or not. They can also help you avoid friction or infections which can leave you on the sidelines. 
  • Wash and reuse. A common misinterpretation of period underwear is that it’s messy. The truth is - it’s not. As long as the underwear meets absorption needs, it will do its job and keep you clean. While you will want to wear a fresh pair before heading to the dance studio, Proof®  period underwear is washable. 
  • Quick changes. Dancers often have seconds to switch outfits publicly. Period underwear allows you to change outfits without any worry of your pad or tampon showing or needing changing too. 
  • Environmentally friendly. Period underwear is reusable and washable, thus making it a much more environmentally friendly solution. 

What is the best period underwear for dancing?

Proof® is undoubtedly the best period underwear for adult and teen dancers. With our 60-day leak-free guarantee, you can prove to yourself that Proof® is the best. With a variety of styles, you can find the perfect leak proof undies, period or not. Dancers love our leakproof undies for sweat and workouts. Here are some styles to consider for adults and teens:



Shop Proof

Proof® specializes in leak proof panties that can protect women from all kinds of leaks. Whether you’re a mom or dancer or maybe both, Proof® has leak proof undies for every occasion. Not only can you dance on with confidence, but you can give back to the environment too. On average, a single woman may dispose of 11,000 tampons in her lifetime! You may only be one woman, but your decision to eliminate single-use plastics can make an impact on the environment. 

Proof Leak Proof® undies are a reusable alternative to traditional period and incontinence products. Whether you're sleeping tight or dancing all day long, you can wear Proof Leak Proof®  undies for protection against leaks. From light to heavy flow, our collection of leakproof undies has you covered. You can wear them solo or pair with your favorite tampon or cup. 

Dance on, all month long. . . try our leak proof undies today!

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