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Is vaginal discharge normal?

Having vaginal discharge is normal. It's your vagina's way of staying clean and healthy. Vaginal discharge is the term for fluid or mucus that comes from the vagina. Vaginal discharge is a common concern among women, and leads many women to see their health care provider, but it’s usually nothing more than a sign that your body is healthy and functioning properly.

Some amount of vaginal discharge is normal, unless it occurs with itching, burning, or other bothersome symptoms. Most experts recommend an examination to determine the cause because different causes can have similar symptoms. Signs of irregular discharge include a change in the color, amount, consistency and smell of what you typically experience. See your OBGYN if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Can I have discharge during my period?

Yes. Discharge helps clean and moisten the vagina, as well as prevent and fight infection –– no matter where you are in your menstrual cycle. Normal discharge can vary in texture and color depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle.

While it’s possible to have discharge during your period, it’s likely to be very little. And, you might still notice a bit mixed in with your blood, but it should be light. As estrogen levels in your body drop, vaginal discharge becomes thick, white, and clumpy. You may also notice dark brown spots for a day or two—don’t stress; it’s just old blood from your period. As the body ramps up for ovulation and estrogen levels rise, discharge becomes creamy like lotion, and there will be more of it, compared to post-ovulation. During ovulation, your mucus will be similar to egg whites—clear, slippery, wet, and stretchy. Post ovulation, as progesterone levels rise, your fluid becomes thicker again, and gradually disappears once your period returns.

How do I deal with discharge in my underwear?

While completely normal, vaginal discharge can be managed by using disposable panty liners or wearing leak proof underwear. Both options will keep you comfortable and dry. Leak proof underwear is definitely a more convenient and sustainable option.

Will Proof underwear help keep me dry?

Yes! Our undies feature an invisible leak resistant lining in the gusset with a lining that is thin and breathable for all-day comfort. Leak proof underwear is an excellent alternative to pads or disposable underwear for discharge. With built-in, absorbent protection and soft fabric, you’ll feel protected and comfortable and dry.

Do Proof leak proof panties really work?

Yes, they do! Our undies are made with breathable, buttery-soft microfiber that moves with your body for an ultra-comfortable fit that absorbs up to 5 regular tampons. They keep you dry and comfortable for hours.

How do Proof leak resistant undies provide protection?

Proof undies look and feel just like normal undies but have built-in, Leak Proof® technology. Our Quick-Wick liner pulls moisture away from the body and into the super absorbent core. Leak-Loc® edges seal in leaks and prevent liquid from escaping the undies. Wear as you would normal undies, and then machine wash and reuse again and again!

What is the best underwear for discharge?

We recommend our lightest absorbances undies for managing daily discharge. Our super light undies include the Everyday Undie, Everyday Bikini, and High Waisted Smoothing Brief and are all great for discharge.

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