Sweat Proof & Moisture Wicking Underwear

Top FAQs

What is moisture-wicking underwear?

Moisture-wicking underwear, also known as period underwear, is specially designed to protect you against irritation and chafing by pulling sweat and other liquids away from the skin and into the absorbent liner where it can evaporate. These specialized liners can absorb pee, blood, sweat and discharge. This makes them ideal for wearing, on (and off!) your period because, let’s be real, urine leaks, sweat and discharge can happen at any time. Plus, even on your driest days they serve as a comfortable pair of everyday undies.

How does moisture-wicking underwear work?

At Proof®, our moisture-wicking liner works to pull wetness away from the body to help you feel dry and protected. Our leakproof undies feature a series of layers - all with a purpose. Starting with the Quik-Wick layer that pulls moisture away from your body to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Next comes the Drop-Stop layer, an interlocking liner that provides an absorbent center designed to pull in moisture and actively fight odors. Next up is the Seep-Shield Liner, a thin and breathable liner that offers even more protection. The No-Flo layer follows suit; say hello to super-soft waterproof fabric that doubles up your protection. Lastly, we offer specialized Leak-Loc® edges that lock in moisture to further prevent leaks. Even with all of this built-in protection, they look and feel like everyday underwear.

Benefits of moisture-wicking underwear

There are countless benefits to moisture-wicking underwear, no matter if you wear them to protect against bladder leaks, period flow, discharge, sweat, or all of the above.

-Enjoy a boost in confidence when you no longer have to stress over period leaks, urine leaks, or sweat marks showing through even your whitest pants.

-Odor fighting properties keep you feeling fresh.

-Our reusable leakproof undies can be worn & washed (not tossed!) again & again. -Don’t sacrifice style or comfort. Our moisture-wicking underwear offer top-notch protection with stylish and comfortable styles that mimic your favorite everyday undies - from full coverage undies to sleek thongs.

Tips for choosing the right type of moisture-wicking underwear

The moisture-wicking underwear you’re looking for will vary based on the time of month and your desired absorbency level. Proof® panties are made to fit all of your needs, from your lightest days to the heaviest flows. Choose from a wide variety of underwear options that can hold anywhere from 1 to 5 tampons of liquid.

Different types of moisture-wicking underwear

Each pair of Proof® undies are made to offer leak protection, but the number of protective layers in each pair depends upon the absorbency you select. Here’s a breakdown of our different types of moisture-wicking underwear:

-Super Light: Designed to hold the equivalent of 1 Light Tampon or Panty Liner

-Light: Designed to hold the equivalent of 1 Regular Tampon or 2 Teaspoons

-Moderate: Designed to hold the equivalent of 3 Regular Tampons or 6 Teaspoons

-Heavy: Designed to hold the equivalent of 4 Regular Tampons or 8 Teaspoons

-Super Heavy: Designed to hold the equivalent of 5 Regular Tampons or 1o Teaspoons

What activities can moisture-wicking underwear be used for?

There are plenty of reasons moisture-wicking underwear are quickly becoming a new favorite staple in closets everywhere - they are ideal for so many different activities: from sleeping to working out to running everyday errands. Plus, they are comfortable and flexible, designed to move with you.

  • Working out - moisture-wicking underwear has the power to absorb even your sweatiest workouts.
  • Any activity when it’s that time of the month - don’t let your period get in the way of your life. Our most absorbent moisture-wicking underwear can hold up to 5 regular tampons.
  • Jumping, running, or any activities that cause urine leaks - urinary leaks are incredibly common. Don’t let them frustrate you or dictate what you wear ever again when you invest in moisture-wicking underwear.
  • Sleeping - Enjoy added protection at night from all kinds of leaks.

Is moisture-wicking underwear good for everyday wear?

Designed for all-day comfort, moisture-wicking underwear can replace your everyday undies. Think of them as your favorite basics but better!

Care tips for moisture wicking undies

Taking good care of your moisture-wicking undies will help them last as long as your regular undies, around two to three years on average. To help them last even longer, make sure to:

-Wash on a gentle cycle with cold water and without the use of heavy detergents or fabric softeners.

-Need to sanitize or refresh? Try adding a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar in the rinse cycle of your washing machine,

-Avoid heat and harsh chemicals such as bleach and softeners as these may interfere with the unique Leak-Loc® technology.

-Hang or lay flat to dry.

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