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    What is period underwear for dancers?

    As a dancer, the last thing you want to do is worry about your period.. With period underwear you can dance more and worry less. As a reusable alternative, our period underwear comes in a variety of styles and absorbency levels, but all share a few common denominators. One of those denominators being unseen but powerful protection. Do a happy dance in our breathable and buttery soft period underwear featuring multi-way stretch that moves with your body.

    How does period underwear for dancers work?

    Period underwear is worn just like any other underwear. Choose an absorbency level that matches your flow, and get to dancing for the day. When you’re ready for a fresh pair, our period underwear are machine washable and reusable.

    Why do dancers need Proof® period undies?

    Dancers need ways to do what they love more, and be the best they can be. Because life keeps moving, even during that time of month, period underwear can help keep you moving with it. Dancers can use period underwear as a reusable alternative to traditional single-use period products. But, that’s not the only way it can benefit dancers. Truth is, our underwear was crafted with built-in leak protection. While we do offer a collection marketed for periods, our leakproof underwear can be worn for all types of leak protection. Period or not, our underwear features no-show edges that are seamless under clothes. Beyond that, they feature Leak-Loc® edges that help lock moisture in to help you feel dry.

    Can period underwear for dancers be used for heavy flows?

    On heavy flow days you may feel restricted but with our period underwear, you can keep dancing - even during heavy flow days. Find your flow at Proof®. Here’s an overview of our absorbency levels:

    • Proof® Super Light Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 1 light tampon
      • Alternative to panty liner or back up a tampon or cup
    • Proof® Light Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 1 regular tampon
      • Alternative to panty liner or back up a tampon or cup
    • Proof® Moderate Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 3 regular tampons
      • Alternative to pad or back up a tampon or cup
    • Proof® Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 4 regular tampons
      • Alternative to pad or back up a tampon or cup
    • Proof® Super-Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 5 regular tampons
      • Alternative to pad or back up a tampon or cup

    Are there options for light flow or spotting for dancers?

    We’re all about embracing every body and every flow. Our Leakproof Thong is ideal for dancers on light flow days. We think it’s an amazing option, and we hope you do, too. For those spotting days, you may want to dance over to our Leak-Resistant Essential Thong or Leak-Resistant Everyday Bikini. Our period underwear has all leaks covered, that means sweat, too. Our moisture-wicking liner helps you feel dry, period or not. Hello, panties with protection, no strings attached™.

    Can period underwear for dancers be used for overnight protection?

    We’ve made sure you’re ready for anything, day or night. Dance yourself right to bed in your breathable period underwear for a worry-free night’s sleep. Period underwear are a dream come true for women on their period.

    How do I wash and care for period underwear for dancers?

    After a long day of dancing and dealing with your flow, the last thing you’ll want is a laundry list of chores. Our period underwear are machine washable. Simply throw them in the wash and let them air dry. Wear and wash, again and again. Here are a few tips to keep your new favorite pair of undies feeling like new, longer.

    • Wash on a delicate cycle with cold water.
    • Use delicate detergents.
    • To sanitize, run them in the rinse cycle with a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar.
    • Hang or lay flat to air dry.

    Are there specific features to look for in period underwear for dancers?

    As a dancer, you need incredible focus, flexibility, and a clear head space to let your creativity run wild. When it comes to your clothing, period underwear included, you’ll want to make sure it moves with you. You’ll also want to make sure it has plenty of stretch. Our period underwear features multi-way stretch designed to move with you. Dancers also love our breathable material that keeps them feeling dry and protected, dance after dance, day after day. Stock up, you’ve just discovered new basics, made better.

    Can period underwear for dancers be used for other types of physical activities?

    Our period underwear is really (really) leakproof. While women love to wear it on their period, when you start to think about leaks, you may start to realize leakproof underwear can protect beyond your period. Made to move with you while providing invisible protection, our period (or leakproof) underwear can be worn for all types of physical activity from dancing to horseback riding or even just chasing your kids around. Shop our collection of workout underwear available in 3 different absorbency levels.

    Are there period underwear options specifically designed for different dance styles?

    Our collection of period underwear features a variety of styles. Every pair is designed to help fight odor, provide a dry feeling, and features an absorbent core. Our period underwear are sweat proof, dance proof, and period proof. Browse our collection and choose the style you are most drawn to. They’re all buttery-soft and made to move with you. Note that our heavy and super-heavy absorbency level may feel a bit thicker, which can take some getting used to. Most important here though is protection and comfort, which all of our underwear are designed to deliver.

    Can I wear period underwear for dancers under my dance costumes?

    Unseen but powerful is how we like to think of our period underwear. Our invisible and thin, highly absorbent core keeps you feeling comfortable and protected. Choose the dance costume your heart desires. It’s time to let your period take a backseat.

    How long do period underwear for dancers last?

    With each pair being washable, follow our recommended care instructions to maximize use. Modern period protection, at last.

    Where can I purchase period underwear for dancers?

    Protection matters. When it comes to choosing period underwear it may take you some time to gain confidence in its ability to protect. Our period underwear comes with a 6 0Day Money-Back Guarantee for first time orders. Shop our buttery-soft period underwear. It won’t be long before it’s a staple in your undie drawer. There are no rules regarding what you can and can’t do. As a dancer, we know your free spirit doesn’t like rules anyways. Shop online today. The proof is in the package.

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