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    What is period underwear for sports?

    Period underwear delivers undetected protection, for periods and all types of leaks. Naturally our bodies sweat, but even more so when we play sports. Wearing period underwear when playing sports on your period can help keep you dry down there. Simultaneously, it can also offer an alternative to traditional single-use period products. Available in a variety of absorbency levels, some can be worn as a back up to a tampon or cup. As you shop, familiarize yourself with the various absorbency levels to find your flow.

    Our period underwear is known for being really (really) leakproof, but also really (really) comfortable. They’re just like your basics, but made better. Because our customers love them so much, we’ve expanded our collection of leakproof underwear to include an entire line for workout protection. So go ahead, get attached to your new favorite underwear. You can wear them, period, or not.

    Sweat proof. Workout proof. Period proof.

    How does period underwear for sports work?

    Before you’re ready to give our period underwear your trust, let us help you understand how they work. To start, let’s review our leakproof protection.

    All of our underwear is made with an absorbent core that pulls moisture away from the body. Then, we have our patented Leak-Loc® edges that help to lock moisture in. Sounds promising right? Our technology is more than promising, it’s the real deal.

    To compliment our protection, we should also mention they’re cute, comfortable, and designed to fight odor. Every pair is meticulously designed and expertly constructed.

    Do we have your vote of confidence yet? We know you may need to touch, feel, and wear our period underwear to believe us. Try what you’d like and enjoy our 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee on your first order.

    What are the benefits of sports period underwear?

    The benefits of sports period underwear are plenty. Here are some highlights of how they can benefit you:

    • Designed to fight odor
    • Buttery soft and breathable material that moves with you
    • Invisible protection
    • Reusable alternative
    • Cute, comfortable fit
    • Keeps you dry and focused on the ball
    • Variety of styles so you can wear them anytime with anything

    While these are more technical benefits, start to consider how period underwear could simplify your life? Our customers find tremendous value in a simpler life, which is achievable with our period underwear.

    Can period underwear for sports be used for heavy flows?

    We know you’re eager to hear the word yes here, so here it is - yes. Our period underwear is available in Heavy and Super Heavy absorbency levels for heavy flows. As you shop our leakproof collections, as you scroll notice that each is tagged with an absorbency level. Here’s an overview of the protection our Heavy and Super Heavy absorbency levels can offer.

    • Proof® Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 4 regular tampons
      • Alternative to pad or tampon
    • Proof® Super Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 5 regular tampons
      • Alternative to pad or tampon

    Are there options for light flow or spotting for sports activities?

    Periods are full of surprises, but leaks do not have to be one of those surprises anymore. For flow days that are light or super light, we have protection for that. If you’re expecting your period soon, slip these on for daily use and let it come as it pleases. Our period underwear can help you be ready for anything, day or night. Our Light and Super Light absorbency levels can offer the following protection.

    • Proof® Super Light Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 1 light tampon
      • Alternative to panty liner or back up to a tampon or cup
    • Proof® Light Absorbency Period Underwear
      • Holds up to 1 regular tampon
      • Alternative to panty liner or back up to a tampon or cup

    How do I choose the right size of period underwear for sports?

    Available in sizes XS-3XL, we offer extended sizes for every body. Size does not define you though, so choose the pair you feel best in. Refer to our size chart for recommendations. Remember, you’ll want them to fit snug to avoid any leaks.

    How many pairs of period underwear for sports do I need?

    If you’re playing sports, naturally, you probably go through more pairs of underwear. The number of pairs you need will depend on your flow and activity for the day. To be prepared, find your flow at Proof®. Our absorbency levels are designed to hold certain amounts of liquid. If you choose the right absorbency level you can expect to wear our period underwear (and change them) just as you would your regular underwear.

    How do I wash and care for period underwear for sports?

    Washing and caring for your period underwear is straightforward. Here’s what you should know:

    • Yes, it’s machine washable.
    • To maximize lifespan, wash on a delicate cycle with cold water and use delicate detergents.
    • To sanitize, run them in the rinse cycle with a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar.
    • Once clean, hang or lay flat to air dry.

    Are period underwear for sports comfortable to wear?

    Comfort should never be compromised, especially not on your period. When you get home after a long day of sports, you may rip off your clothes to get comfortable. Underwear though, is one garment that we almost always wear. Our period underwear prioritizes comfort, so much so, you’ll probably want to wear them when your period is over (and you can!). Featuring buttery soft, breathable material and no-show edges, our period underwear are comfortable for everyday wear.

    Can I wear period underwear for sports under my sports uniforms?

    Regardless of how your sports uniform fits, we have period underwear to go with it. You may feel like the whole world knows you’re on your period, but believe us when we reassure you they don’t. WIth period underwear, they especially won’t. From thongs to briefs, we offer a variety of styles, just like regular underwear. Finally, no compromises. You deserve to win all the time.

    Do period underwear for sports come in different styles?

    While we can’t speak for other brands, we are proud to offer a variety of styles and absorbency levels. From our Leakproof Thong to our Leakproof Brief, our Period Collection is available in 4 absorbency levels. All of our styles are designed to fight odor (a huge perk for our sports gurus). Choose the style you prefer and level the playing field with your period.

    Which type of period underwear is best for sports?

    Period underwear that’s leakproof and designed to fight odor should be the minimum requirements. Our period underwear far exceeds those requirements. From comfort to a huge selection to shop from, we put you in control. Any of our period underwear can be worn for casual or competitive sports. It can also be worn by adults or teens.

    How long do period underwear for sports last?

    With each pair being washable, follow our recommended care instructions to maximize use. We refuse to strike out.

    Where can I purchase period underwear for sports?

    At Proof®, we deliver leakproof underwear for all kinds of leaks.

    Shop our underwear by leak type:

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