How Does Period Underwear Work? An Inside Look

How Does Period Underwear Work? An Inside Look

What are Period Panties?

Period panties are a reusable period protection option. Our period panties are available in various absorbency levels so you can find your flow. Choosing the right absorbency level is important to ensure you’re protected. Our period underwear is available in superlight to superheavy absorbency levels. Our superlight period underwear can hold up to 1 light tampon, and our overnight style  can hold up to 9 regular tampons. Now, you can see the difference that the absorbency level can make. Period underwear can serve as standalone protection from all kinds of leaks. Our period underwear is designed to look and feel like your basics but made better.

Remember, being uncomfortable down there and worrying about leaks is not only a distraction but can seriously harm your confidence. Wearing period underwear allows you to go about your life as if nothing is different, and if you do feel that little rush – don’t worry.

Best of all, they look like the rest of the underwear in your drawer!

How does period underwear work? Does period underwear really work?

Period underwear is designed to draw moisture away from the body and absorb leaks. While each brand has different technology and design, our period underwear is made with built-in leakproof protection and triple patented Leak-Loc® technology.  The absorbent zone features 4 layers: A moisture-wicking top layer, absorbent core, waterproof liner, and water-resistant outer fabric. With multiple layers, our period underwear works to lock leaks in while keeping you dry and confident. You can wear our period underwear just like your basic underwear, and it’s available in similar styles too, like thongs and briefs. When it’s been used, wash and reuse, over and over again.


How often do you change period underwear & how long can you wear it?



How often you will be able to wear your period panties really depends on the heaviness of your flow and the absorbency level of your underwear. Similar to single-use period products, period underwear is designed to hold a certain amount of fluid, and this can vary depending on the underwear. As you shop our period underwear, notice the absorbency level, or shop our period underwear by absorbency. When matching your flow for the day, make sure you grab the right pair.  Store your dirty period underwear in a mesh laundry bag and machine wash it on laundry day. For more information on caring for your period underwear, visit our care page




Can you swim in Proof period underwear?

Proof period underwear is not designed for swimming. Naturally, periods slow in water due to the pressure. However, this does not necessarily mean you don’t need protection. For swimming period protection, consider products such as menstrual cups, period swimwear, or low-absorbency tampons.

Are period panties better than pads?

The beauty of life is we all have choices. While some women may prefer period panties, others may prefer pads. We encourage women to choose what makes them the most comfortable and confident while promoting good feminine hygiene. Our period underwear are made with butter-soft materials, designed for all-day comfort. Our stronger absorbency levels might feel a bit bulkier - like a pad - but most adjust to the feeling and appreciate the protection. Another benefit to period underwear is that they are washable and reusable. Try them both and choose the protection that helps you feel your best!

Does Proof underwear feel wet?

The materials that are used to make Proof underwear ensure that you stay dry and comfortable, even with all-day wear.

All of our period underwear solutions have linings that wick away moisture and move it away from your skin into a further absorbent layer in the middle of the underwear, and this is where the moisture stays until you are ready to wash them.

Don’t believe us? Try your first pair backed by our 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.


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